Nail Inspiration from Pantone’s Colours of the Year |

Nail Inspiration from Pantone’s Colours of the Year

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Pastel shades couldn’t be higher on the fashion and beauty agenda this season – just ask Pantone, the world authority on colour and trend forecasting, which has officially dubbed pale pink and blue (aka ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Serenity’) the hues of 2016.

As we all know, nail polish is always the easiest – and most affordable – way to trial a new trend, so we’ll be painting our talons in these spring-ready shades pronto. Best of all, pastel nails already have the fash pack seal of approval for SS16 after the likes of Versace and Rebecca Minkoff showcased them on the runway, so we’re definitely in good company.

Wondering how to make the look grown-up? Here’s our pick of the best Pantone-inspired polishes around so you can channel the trend at home. Just make sure you follow these 7 top tips to ensure your DIY mani boasts a professional finish...  

1. File a neat shape
Keep the look sophisticated and professional by sticking to a neat nail shape – try filing yours into an always-chic squoval (that’s a square shape with rounded edges, in case you didn’t know…)

2. Be precise
Bright pastels draw the eye and any imperfections will be particularly visible so take your time while applying to ensure an enviable effect. Keep a cotton wool bud saturated in nail polish remover on hand to quickly clean up any mistakes.

3. Apply an even base
Every at-home mani requires the right base coat to prevent nail discolouration and ensure a long-lasting finish. Just make sure you let yours dry fully before moving onto the colour.

4. Use the right technique
Apply polish using the classic three-stroke technique for flawless results: one thin stroke down the middle of your nail, followed by two on either side.

5. Apply multiple coats
Unlike darker hues, pale polish always requires at least two coats to achieve a strong saturation of colour. Stick to thin layers – they dry more quickly and will create a more durable base.

6. Use a top coat
If you want your mani to stay chip-free, a strong top coat is essential. Try one of the new-gen gel formulas for long-lasting, professional-look results.

7. Dry things off
Short on time or just want to make sure your polish stays perfect? Use a fast-drying top coat, such as the ever-popular Seche Vite, or simply run your newly painted nails under cold water to set product in place.

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