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How To Do Boho Multiple Rugs In Your Home

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We all know the fashion kudos attached to layering our clothes and now the concept has filtered into our homes too, as chicly styled, multiple rugs pop up all over Pinterest...

A fuss-free way to add character and texture to a room, layered rugs lend themselves naturally to abodes that err on the side of bohemian – think Aztec prints, tassels and tie dye, which can be layered on top of one another or used in sequence in a long corridor to stylish effect. But don’t think it can’t work in contemporary homes too. We love the idea of a faux-fur rug on top of a monochrome print, or on-trend chevron stripes in situ with honeycomb motifs. And, if you’ve been harbouring a Persian rug somewhere that you don’t know what to do with, this is the perfect way to make the old new again. Want to create the look yourself? Just have a read of these five golden rules, courtesty of Letty White-Spunner of Jane Churchill Interiors to get it right. 

  • It’s easy to make three rugs look like one if you cleverly mix and match textures. Think woven stripes with animal hides or a heavily patterned kilim over sisal.

  • Keep colours similar but not necessarily the same. Different shades of a colour or some patterned and some plain look nice as long as there’s something they all have in common. 

  • Putting two rugs under furniture (especially beds and sofas) works just as well as putting one and adds another dimension to a room.

  • Don’t think you have to literally ‘layer’ rugs to get the same effect, a trio of rugs along a corridor for example can provide the same cosy, boho look.

  • For the optimum effect, use this technique in an otherwise simple, minimally decorated room. 

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