How To Cultivate A Meditation Practice And Stick To It. |

How To Cultivate A Meditation Practice And Stick To It.

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We’re constantly hearing about the positive effects of meditation, but where exactly do you begin? If you think you could benefit from a bit of daily mindfulness, Lucy Sherwood from Rock & Raw Jewellery and Raw Soul Meditations is here to explain how to work meditation into your life and ensure you stick to it…

Make it part of your morning routine

Your brain is at its most receptive when you’ve just woken up. A short meditation first thing in the morning allows you to align and tune your brain for the rest of the day (and you are less likely to skip practice). 

Put aside five minutes every morning, make it part of your routine and your days will soon feel all the better for it.

Make it fun

Many of us have a short concentration span and an over-active mind. But sitting in contemplation for hours isn’t the only form of mindfulness; you can develop your own meditations that are enjoyable, fun and deeply beneficial. 

Some, like Raw Soul Meditations, combine the sacred practice of kundalini with kick-ass music and powerful affirmations. If practicing a kundalini kriya to Taylor Swift lights you up, you should rock that. If you want to sit in Gyan Mudra with P. Diddy on full blast, that’s awesome. 

Make it yours

Spend a few moments tuning into what you need before you start your practice. Ask yourself how you feel in that moment, what you need, what you would like to change. Some days you might need a few minutes of silently breathing light into your body, some days you might want to shake it out with breath of fire.

There is a kundalini for everything, from breaking through your fears to cultivating prosperity. Listen to your heart, find out what you need and don't be afraid to switch it up.

Get inspired

Surround yourself with objects and materials that inspire you. This is your cheerleading squad supporting you in your practice. It can be a set of guidance cards, candles, essential oils, crystals or a spiritually inspired book that resonates with you. During your meditation you can call on these objects for guidance and inspiration. 

Crystals have the added benefit of holding the vibes you create in the meditation throughout the day.

Write it down

Keep a journal with you when you meditate. Write down whatever comes up, or what you need to release. Some days this will be very little, some days you won’t be able to stop writing. 

Feel the power

Maybe your colleague does not wind you up as much as usual anymore. Maybe you’ve found the courage to start a project you have been holding off on or you make healthier lifestyle choices? 

Each of these shifts is a tiny miracle. Noticing the huge benefits of meditation will inspire you to stick to your practice. 

Consistency is key

If you meditate every day, even on those grey Mondays when you really don’t feel like it – that is when the magic really happens. The times you are too busy, stressed or distracted to meditate are the times when you need meditation most. Commit to your practice and stick to it. 

Embrace change

Meditation is a process of deep self-reflection. It will change and transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

A regular meditation practice will support you in going out into the world as the brightest most lit-up version of yourself, the person you were truly meant to be.

It only takes you to make it happen.




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