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How To Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

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In the kind of modern kitchens Pinterest is awash with these days, a splashback can add the individual character and colour an on-trend, and dare we say it, occasionally identikit kitchen can otherwise lack. If you tune in to our interiors features you’ll recall we’ve covered everything from marble and mosaic to concrete and coloured glass but if you’re really looking for something special the solution may be far simpler than you had otherwise thought. We called on luxury interior designer Naomi Astley Clarke, to tell us how...

We love the splashback in this kitchen, how was it done?
It’s pretty simple, just a really interesting wallpaper behind glass. It’s sleek yet warm and gives the same feeling decorative tiles create but without the grout ridges or time it takes to install them. What’s more, it’s a wipe-clean surface so it is far more practical than tiles.

How easy is it? Do you need to get in the professionals?
It really is easy, it just requires a few hours out of your weekend. You’ll need to buy wallpaper hanger and a glazer, then you’re good to go.


How much should you expect it to set you back?
It completely depends on the wallpaper you select and the size of the space but it can be done on a fairly tight budget. 
What about the glass itself?
A glazer will advise you on the best glass for the conditions but it’s important to remember it will need to be toughened and sealed with a clear silicone. 

What's the best way to keep it looking pristine?
Just treat it like a window – it’s incredibly easy to clean.


Would it work as well in a bathroom?
You would have to remember that by the nature of the levels of moisture being higher, the shelf life will be shorter in a bathroom than if it was in the kitchen.

Any tips on tying it in with the rest of the room?
You could always use the same print on curtains or cushions in the room or even bring the colour in with a banquette or dining chairs or barstools. Visit​

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