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The prolific Ombre hair trend has spilt over into the interiors industry, prompting stylish homeowners everywhere to attempt a faded colour look on their walls. An unusual statement, this is the modern way to do a feature wall - but before you get ombre-excited, there’s an art to this. Letty WS of Jane Churchill Interiors takes us through the steps…

1. Ombre walls – a DIY or expert job? 

Ombre walls are really a lot simpler than they look and can be done DIY style. Practice first - there are lots of ‘How To’ videos on interiors or paint websites and it’s quite fun to add your own personal touch to it. Always go dark from the bottom, find a medium colour for the middle and start with the lightest colour at the top. As with all these things, sometimes less is more, so pick your shades according to how bold a statement you want to make. Watch this for some handy tips.

2. Which rooms does it work well in? 

Children’s bedrooms are a good place for ombre walls as it’s three (or more) colours in one and so there’s less room for mind-changing every couple of years.

3. Is it best on one wall or all of them? 

I would say that one ombre wall looks great whereas all walls can look a little washy. It depends on what colours you’re choosing and the size of the room but if the colours are bright and the room is small then stick to one statement wall.

4. How do you decorate an ombre wall?

Less is more with an ombre wall as you want to let the colours speak for themselves. If you are desperate to decorate it then clean lines and simple shapes are the best way to go.

5. Is it expensive to achieve?

Only as expensive as the paint you want to buy. Three colours will obviously cost more than one but it’s far more cost effective to do it yourself.

6. How do you keep it chic? 

Pair ombre walls with other materials like wood and metallics to keep it clean looking. Stick with soft colours and make sure you do the blending when the paint is still wet so you don’t get any lines or blocks of colour.

7. What colour palette looks best? 

Greens and blues make for very good ombre walls as there’s such a massive range of colours-from lime green to turquoise, teal and right the way through to navy. As with any painted wall, you need to be confident in your choices and have mulled over them for a few days.

8. And if we still don't trust ourselves?

Ombre wallpaper is the most foolproof way to achieve the look. 


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