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How to Make Herbs Last Longer

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Herbs can turn a meal from average midweek to a Nigella-worthy in seconds, but keeping them fresh isn’t always easy. Homegrown herbs not only save you money on the shop-bought versions that last just a few days, but are also a stylish addition to an outdoor space. 

Whether it's a small balcony or large garden, everyone can grow their own herbs  but when we can all be a bit neglectful of our plants, how best to make sure they thrive? Indoor horticulturist at The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, David Tricker, gives us his tips on how to make the most of the useful foliage...

Which herbs are the best and most useful, in your experience, for a small London garden? 

Definitely chives, thyme and bay in a pot, Rosemary (delicious with potatoes), sage, lavender and mint in a pot (the smell in summer is great), as well as marjoram (often overlooked) and, of course, parsley.

Which herbs are the easiest to look after when you're time-poor? 

Chives are easy, thyme, bay in a pot, rosemary, sage and mint. Lavender is also pretty easy to look after and looks great inside or on the window sill by the sink.

Three top tips for looking after your herbs?

1. If they are in pots, they need watering quite a bit in summer. Look after them and maybe set a reminder to do so.
2. If they are in the ground then they do not demand quite as much looking after, but keep an eye on them and make sure they can see the sun.
3. Trim your herbs regularly (many people forget to do this), water them and feed them with plant nutrients when needed.

Do you look after them in winter?

All the aforementioned are pretty hardy in the UK. Chives, however, do tend to die down over winter and it’s a good idea to take cuttings of mint at the end of summer to enjoy over the winter months.  

And for those with an aversion to anything green-fingered we’ve found fool-proof pods and plants that will keep your herbs fresh in the kitchen. From Prepara’s fridge pod which will prolong the life of herbs and even asparagus for up to three weeks, to the design-led Cole & Mason self-watering herb keepers that’ll add a touch of greenery to your countertop and a punch of flavour to your food.



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