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How To Keep Summer Drinking In Check

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Dry January is all for a good cause but have you ever considered cutting back for summer? Keeping drinking in check over the warmer months will help you slim down, shape up and energise. Here's everything you need to know...


Empty Calories

Alcoholic drinks contain empty calories, meaning they basically have no nutritional value. A drink can also rob you of vitamins and energy, causing you to feel hungrier and making you feel tired and slow. A YouGov survey found that a night of drinking could lead you to consume 6,300 calories more than you normally would in the following 24 hours. That’s three days' worth of food. What’s more, alcohol also has a negative impact on testosterone production, affecting muscle growth, amongst other things. And drink has a disruptive influence on sleep as well as stemming Human Growth Hormone, which is essential for muscle repair.


Many hangover symptoms – the headache, dry mouth and lack of energy – are due to dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic that depletes your fluid levels, making you tired, preventing oxygen and nutrients from circulating and increasing your chances of cramps or pulling and straining muscles.

Fewer Vitamins

Alcohol also inhibits the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, such as B9, B12 and B1, which all affect nerves and digestion. Drinking prevents vitamins A, D and E being absorbed and can also cause iron deficiency. Zinc is affected in a similar way because you’ll be depleting the nutrients it depends on in order to function.

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Plan Ahead

If you plan ahead, it will be easier to avoid situations that could tempt you and find alternatives to drinking. Firstly, build a survival kit of drinks, food and goodies you can have, and consider things you can do instead of opening a bottle. Secondly, find non-boozy ways of rewarding yourself when you succeed. Sometimes you might need something that instantly fixes the craving or an activity that can take you 30 minutes to totally distract you. Explore the world of non-alcoholic drinks and try BrewDog’s Nanny State, Erdinger Alkoholfrei, craft sodas and Fentiman’s ginger beer. Or, order a whole taster pack from

Discomfort Is Natural

You’ll probably feel awkward, even frustrated, at points. It’s the same cutting back on anything. You’ll need to ride that wave of discomfort. Keep in mind that it’s not forever, and it most certainly won’t kill you. In the right company and situation, you’ll feel more and more used to saying no every so often.

Rewards Are Key

Managed an alcohol-free night or kept to your two-drink limit? Reward yourself. Acknowledging your success is an important way to stay motivated and trains your brain to recognise that a treat doesn’t have to come in the form of a wine glass.

Move On

Making a mistake is often equated with total failure. Regardless of how many times you might slip up, see these mistakes as an indication of how best to succeed next time.

Enjoy Your Holiday

A holiday is a reward for all the hard work you’ve done this year and usually, so is the holiday bar. But just because you're cutting down doesn't mean you have to miss out on what you actually go on holiday for, a little R&R. Measures abroad are usually larger than at home, so once you’re halfway through your drink top it up with another mixer or alternate your drinks with fruit juice to ensure you’re not having more than you think.
Also, try not to drink until dinner. A beer on the beach may sound like a great idea, but with the sun beating down it can really deplete your energy. Set some rules and stick to them. Your days will be much more enjoyable with a clear head.

Get Support

Changing habits can be harder than you think. Club Soda’s online programme The MOB gets you through a Month Off Booze with daily emails packed full of hints and tricks, a vault of online articles, videos and tools and exercises to help you set your goals and track your progress. Join a community of people all trying to cut down or quit for support.



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