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Getting your daily fix of probiotics is essential to keeping your tummy happy, but most probiotic products contain dairy. If you’re keen to skip the dairy bit then you can, thanks to one of our favourite juice brands, Plenish, who have made stoking your probiotic levels that much easier with Water +. Ideal for lactose intolerant and vegan diets, it’s the first non-dairy probiotic drink on the market.

Available to buy from the likes of Waitrose and Planet Organic in three delicious flavours, Water + is a refreshing mix of organic cold-pressed juice and potent bioactive cultures that cleanse and hydrate effectively. Low in sugar with only five calories per bottle, here are just four reasons to add it to your daily routine, straight from the experts...

Boosts digestive health

Modern lifestyles and stress can lead to fewer ‘friendly’ bacteria being cultivated, which can cause digestive issues. Topping up with probiotics will maintain the harmony in your system.  — Eve Kalinik, Nutritionist and gut expert

Gives glowing skin

A well-functioning gut is the foundation of any anti-ageing regime. Probiotics help replenish your levels of ‘good’ bacteria while overpowering the ‘bad’ – this allows more nutrients to be absorbed into your skin, in turn boosting elastin and collagen. — Dr Nigma Talib, A-list skin doctor

Improves mood 

According to recent studies, probiotics have the ability to influence our mood by producing positive neurotransmitters. — Eve Kalinik

Increases immunity

Probiotics have the ability to switch on and manage the activity of immune cell tissue, as well as fighting off potential pathogens, including viruses and parasites.  — Eve Kalinik



Blueberry, Pear & Lemon Water, £2.13 (was £2.50)

Cucumber & Lime Juice Water, £2.13 (was £2.50)

Pineapple, Ginger & Lemon Water, £2.13 (was £2.50)
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