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Clean Eating Alice’s Rules For Healthy Living

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Clean Eating Alice – aka Alice Liveing – is fast becoming a fitness favourite in the world of social media. Having amassed a loyal Instagram following of more than 400,000, Alice’s impressive abs, glowing skin and quick, easy recipes have made her one of the UK’s go-to girls for advice on healthy living. 

Believing fit and fabulous comes from the inside out, Alice’s latest book, The Body Bible, aims to transform your lifestyle by banishing cycles of low-calorie plans and yo-yo dieting to help you achieve a permanently healthier state of mind and body. Sound good? Read on to discover Alice’s six cornerstones for clean living…

Be mindful of calories

It's important to be mindful of calorie intake while not obsessing over it. For example, we all know avocados are good for us, but we must also remember they are calorie dense, so eating five a day will take you well over your recommended daily calorie intake — in short, this means you will gain weight. Have a rough idea of how many calories you're consuming at each meal so you can keep track, and remember — we all live very different lives with varying activity levels so, naturally, our individual calorie intake will vary, too. This means calories can fluctuate depending on your activity levels

Don’t be lured by supplements

Except occasionly for convenience, try not to take supplements. You can get what you need from food first, so try and eat a wide variety of fruit, vegetables and food in order to ensure you don’t become deficient in vitamins and nutrients. 

Rest days are good for you

No matter how quickly you want to see results, the body should have rest days to allow muscles to recover. This will enable you to sustain your training without injury. If you're tired or sore make sure you rest and don't force yourself to go to the gym.

On a Similar Note

Have a cheat meal

If you follow a clean eating plan, you'll find you no longer crave sugary sweet treats and ‘junk’ foods like you used to, but it's good to have a cheat meal once a week. If you’re going out for dinner with friends, don’t get obsessive about scrutinising the menu – prep in advance and have a lighter lunch or breakfast and hit the gym in the morning, then you won’t feel guilty at all.

In terms of restaurants, Granger & Co. is great for a delicious brunch. For a healthy dinner try Gaucho and for a full treat meal, head to Obilix. For healthy lunches, there's Squirrel in South Kensington, Farmer J in the City, The Detox Kitchen and The Good Life Eatery.

Don’t be afraid to snack

You should have two snacks daily, alongside three main meals, and try and make them protein-based. Prep some hard-boiled eggs on Sunday evening and store them in the fridge for a quick protein hit. Or opt for chickpeas roasted in mixed spieces, protein shakes, Greek yoghurt, homemade protein balls, and beef jerky.

Watch your macros

One of the cornerstones of a healthy diet is making sure you eat a balance of macro nutrients – protein, carbohydrates and fats – whilst also ensuring you’re loading up on your fruits and veggies. While this may sound obvious, we can often overcomplicate things, leading to total confusion as to what and when we should eat certain foods, and this can make trying to be ‘healthy’ seem like a lot of hard work. Trying to incorporate each of these macro nutrients into a meal ensures you are achieving a balanced nutrient intake.

Be wary of your sugar intake, too – you’d be surprised how much sugar is lurking in some everyday products and it can hinder fat loss. Don’t obsess over it, but make an effort to check the labels of things like chopped tomatoes and sauces.

Fitness First has appointed Alice as an ambassador to demonstrate how fitness, combined with healthy eating can boost a person's mood and wellbeing.

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