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Quick Tips For A Bad Skin Day

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Despite downing two litres of water, getting eight hours of sleep and working our way through the nation’s smoothie selection, some days an unexpected breakout, pesky dry patch or unwanted redness are unpreventable. Here are some quick and simple ways to fix even the worst of complexion woes...


Whether induced by a hangover or a late-night Netflix binge, a sallow, lacklustre complexion is commonly associated with tiredness and dehydration. Take five minutes to exfoliate your face – sloughing away dead surface skin cells will reveal younger, brighter-looking cells. If your skin is dry or sensitive, consider using a pre-soaked glycolic acid pad to dissolve dead cells from the skin’s surface, or if your skin is oily, look for an exfoliating scrub or mask.

Next, apply your regular moisturiser, but take two minutes to massage it into the skin – close your hand to make a fist and use your knuckles to massage the skin in small circular motions, this will help to boost circulation. If you’re pressed for time and didn’t get your full eight hours, fake a good night’s sleep by splashing your face with cold water. This will also boost circulation and add welcome colour to combat dull tones.


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If your skin is dry, inflamed or you suffer from a skin condition like rosacea, wash your face with lukewarm water and apply a hydrating moisturiser immediately after to minimise moisture loss. However, if you’ve suddenly woken up with red, irritated skin then something isn’t right. Perhaps you’ve started using a new night-cream, as retinol is a common culprit. If this is the case, stop using the product until your skin heals completely then ease back in, using it only every second or third night.

Thankfully, a little extra treatment can put unhappy skin back on track. If your skin is naturally sensitive (which goes hand-in-hand with redness), then it’s worth investing in some calming, anti-redness products, especially come winter.


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In the case of sudden breakouts, it pays to track down the cause of disruption. Stress? Diet? Dirty make-up brushes? If no apparent cause can be found, slather on a deep-cleansing mask for a purifying start to the day. And when it comes to make-up, steer clear of full-coverage foundations as they can often accentuate small imperfections. Instead, opt for something lightweight with less coverage. A good concealer for natural-looking coverage and a CC (complexion corrector, applied before your foundation) are a must. 

If blemishes are your ultimate skincare affliction, take care to change your pillowcase more regularly than your sheets, keep your iPhone clean (they’re known to harbour more germs than a public loo) and wash your make-up brushes every two to three weeks.


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Sometimes we don’t notice we are dehydrated until our skin tells us so. Whether triggered by central heating, blustery wind or too little water, a flaky and tight complexion is no way to start the day and will do your make-up no favours. If you’ve woken up with extra-dry skin, don’t be tempted to scrub as this can trigger redness. Instead, opt for a soothing cleanser (keep an eye out for milk-based formulas, which are known for their restorative properties) and don’t be afraid to mix a couple of drops of your favourite face oil with your moisturiser for a real hydration hit.

When it comes to make-up, create the perfect base with Too Faced’s Hangover Serum, which is brimming with coconut water and electrolytes for a plumped-up complexion. Steer clear of powder-based products, invest in a cream blusher, to keep your face looking dewy. And keep a face mist on your desk to top up hydration levels and make an effort to drink at least three litres of water throughout the day.


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