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Books To Read If You Loved Girl On The Train

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If you’re craving a psychological thriller that will have you hooked from page one, pick up one of these suspenseful reads. From dark family secrets to harrowing truths, the unexpected twists of these gripping books makes them a struggle to put down.

All The Missing Girls, £12.99 | Megan Miranda
Miranda takes a risk telling this story about the disappearance of two young women in reverse chronological order, keeping the reader constantly off-balance, but it pays off thanks to her meticulous plotting and fraught style.


Behind Closed Doors, £6.99 (was £8.99) | Elizabeth Haynes
The inspiration for this harrowing tale came from Haynes’ research into the dark reality of human trafficking. An old mystery seems to be solved when a girl reappears ten years after vanishing on a family holiday, but the case is only beginning to unravel.


How I lost You, £7.99 | Jenny Blackhurst
Susan is released from prison with a new identity three years after killing her 12-year-old son – an event she has no memory of. When Susan receives a chilling anonymous letter, everything the police, her doctor and even her family have told her about the crime is thrown into doubt.


Big Little Lies, £7.99 | Liane Moriarty
The broken families of three mothers become entangled in a schoolyard scandal. Set for production as a HBO miniseries, Moriarty’s bestseller balances domestic humour with a spiralling ominous tone.


Dark Matter, £12.99 | Blake Crouch
Jason awakes from a dream to find his life is no longer his own. His wife is a different woman. His son is gone. And Jason has gone from mediocre lecturer to celebrated genius – but which world is real? A mind-bending thriller with a science-fiction touch.


I Let You Go, £7.99 | Claire Mackintosh
Mackintosh’s heart-wrenching debut portrays a woman’s failure to flee the eroding power of grief. A succession of unforgettable twists will keep you gripped.


Kill Me Again, £7.99 | Rachel Abbott
Maggie’s hopes of starting a new life with her family in Manchester are shattered when her husband goes missing in the dead of night. Days later, a woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to Maggie is found murdered. Abbott’s novel is as terrifying as it is addictive.


Second Life, £7.99 | S.J. Watson
Watson’s follow-up to Before I Go to Sleep plays on the ambiguity of internet personas, as troubled protagonist Julia trawls dating sites in search of her sister’s killer.


The Good Girl, £7.99 | Mary Kubica
This story of a kidnap-gone-wrong is an evocative and tightly-written debut. Fearlessly exposing the lies at the heart of a seemingly perfect family, Kubica builds tension relentlessly and will keep you guessing until the last page. 


Remember Me This Way, £7.99 | Sabine Durrant
To the outside world, Zach seems like a dream husband. Lizzie, his sweet and unassuming widow, always knew there was more to him – but she could never have imagined quite how much she didn’t know.


The Kind Worth Killing, £5.99 (was £7.99) | Peter Swanson
A man meets a stranger in an airport bar and a dark plan is hatched. One chance encounter will change the course of Ted’s life forever. This devious tale of psychological suspense is Gone Girl meets Strangers on a Train.


The Obsession, £12.99 (was £16.99) | Nora Roberts
Roberts’ eye for descriptive detail sets her prose apart as she generates an isolated sea-side landscape. Protagonist Naomi has spent her whole life haunted by the monstrous crimes of her father – but running away only serves to open old wounds.

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