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The Wellbeing Appointment You Need To Make

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If you haven’t booked in a trip to the chiropractor yet, it might be about time you did. With a whole host of reported benefits, including a reduction in bloating, better posture, and improved sleep, chiropractic treatment involves a practitioner using their hands to offer manual therapy and manipulation of the spine, treating disorders of the bones, muscles and joints. Think of a session as an amped-up massage crossed with physio – with a focus on the skeleton. SL spoke to chiropractor Dr Craig McLean to understand more about the benefits of treatment….


IBS, bloating and lack of energy can sometimes be linked to a spinal problem, where messages between the brain and digestive system are muddled or confused, chiropractic treatment can help ease these problems.

Knee Pain

If you find yourself constantly complaining about knee pain, particularly if you’re a runner, then a chiropractor could help you by realigning a possible pelvic imbalance. 


Particularly after pregnancy, getting your pelvic floor back into action can be assisted by clearing the neural pathways from the sacral (the first vertebrae) to the pelvic floor.


Long hours at a desk staring at a computer can age us prematurely and cause the dreaded ‘upper back hump’ – chiropractic adjustments help realign your posture, keeping your spine straight.

Brain Fog

A build-up of tension in the neck and shoulders is not only uncomfortable but can also impair your judgement as it causes headaches, giving you less clarity in decision making and reduced clarity of thought or memory.


One of the most noted benefits when people start care at the chiropractor is an improvement in sleep patterns, both duration and depth.


Spinal problems can create all sorts of difficulty for both men and women between the sheets. There’s nothing worse than a tension headache or lower back pain interrupting the moment.

Immune System

Although there isn't a direct link to chiropractic practice and improved immunity, patients will often notice a reduction in illness – particularly cold and flu.

Shorter Labour

A survey of women under chiropractic care while pregnant revealed their mean labour time was less than the average. 

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