How 12 Lemons Are Helping Women Fight Breast Cancer |
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Breast cancer is something that will affect many of us at some time. With more than 60,000 women diagnosed each year and the shocking fact that one in eight British women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, the statistics speak for themselves.

And whilst it’s well known that checking your breasts on a regular basis is the best prevention, statistics also suggest many of us are unaware what we’re looking for, and what the signs of breast cancer really are. These were precisely the concerns of Corrine Beaumont, founder of the charity Worldwide Breast Cancer, who created the ‘Know Your Lemons’ campaign back in 2002.

What is the Know Your Lemons campaign?

With lemons acting as a stand-in metaphor for breasts, showing what breast cancer symptoms can look and feel like, the campaign includes handy guides for breast examinations and explains exactly what to look for.

What makes it different?

Easy to understand, the campaign strikes a chord and is already crossing borders, having been used to educate women in 70 countries, and translated into 16 different languages. It’s clear, colourful and gets a message across that is often lost in a mass of words.

And why is it getting attention now?

In the past few days, the campaign has received a boost after going viral on social media, thanks to former breast cancer sufferer Erin Smith Chieze, who shared the helpful guide on Facebook. To date, it has been shared more than 42,000 times.

What other resources are there?

As part of the #KnowYourLemons campaign, Worldwide Breast Cancer has also created graphics breaking down the process of breast cancer diagnoses and what to look out for when checking your breasts. These useful guides are free and available to all, helping women across the world to better understand and check for breast cancer.

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