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How To Boost Your Sex Drive

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If your ideal date night involves Netflix and chilling in the literal sense, statistics suggest you’re not alone. A recent survey found one in four women who are in a relationship don’t share the same level of interest in sex as their other half and that, at some point in their lives, 40% of women will be plagued by a low sex drive.

And while doctors agree that if you and your partner are happy with less frequent sex there’s no cause for concern, the problem arises when libido suddenly plummets or when a lack of desire is causing anxiety or unhappiness. A healthy and fulfilling sex life has a range of benefits, boosting confidence, assertiveness and happiness, so, read on to discover the four reasons you might have a low sex drive and what to do about it.

Culprit 1: The Pill

Ironically, the drug that allows us to have protected sex can actually keep us from wanting to have sex at all. It’s all down to testosterone – the hormone that powers libido – and the reason men are usually considered the friskier sex. Since testosterone spikes during ovulation (and you’re not ovulating each month when on the Pill), you may see your sex drive slump. Similarly, the Pill can interfere with oestrogen, dampening the libido even further.

The fix: If you think your Pill might be to blame, ask your GP about different, non-hormonal contraceptive options, such as the coil. 

Culprit 2: Stress

Stress might start as something in your mind, but its effects are soon seen in the body and can take their toll on libido. It’s all down to cortisol, the hormone our bodies produce when we are anxious or stressed. As Pyscle CEO and wellness guru Rhian Stephenson explains, “Cortisol is the goldie-locks of hormones. Too low or too high and we have a problem. Cortisol doesn’t have a direct effect on libido, but it is a master controller of our sexual hormones, so when there is an imbalance, we suffer between the sheets.” The signs of cortisol imbalance? Feeling wired but tired, sugar cravings, difficulty falling and staying asleep, feeling burnt out and an increase in belly fat.

The fix: As cortisol is greatly influenced by stress, sleep and stimulants, make an effort to cut these out. Meditation, yoga and mindfulness as well as a decrease in sugar and caffeine can help bring levels back to normal. Adding an adaptogen, such as maca, to your daily smoothie can also help.

Culprit 3: Nutrition

Eating a balanced diet is crucial to maintaining a healthy sex drive. In particular, a lack of zinc, vitamin E/selenium, B complex vitamins and vitamin C can take their toll on libido. Similarly, insulin imbalances are known to impede sexual desire so make an effort to cut out sugar – particularly refined varieties – from your diet.

The fix: Try to up your intake of natural and unprocessed fruits, vegetables and wholegrains. Foods that promote circulation will also have a knock-on effect on libido – beetroot, ginger, cayenne and rosemary will do the trick. At the same time, omega-3 fatty acids (found in oily fish such as salmon and nuts) can help to thin the blood, allowing for easier blood flow, thereby increasing desire. 

Culprit 4: Exercise

It’s no surprise those with a sedentary lifestyle may suffer from a decreased sex drive – research shows working out carries a whole host of benefits for mind and body, including increased blood flow, improved hormonal balance and general body confidence.

The fix: Hit the gym, but keep things in perspective, as overdoing it can have the opposite effect and leave us feeling fatigued. The solution? Regular HIIT classes will do wonders to boost circulation (boosting feelings of desire) and endorphins. Yoga classes can also increase flexibility, self-awareness, energy levels and self-esteem – yogis even claim certain positions such as bridge and moving bridge pose can open the second chakra and promote blood flow to all the right areas.

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