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The Best Post-Baby Detox

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My third baby was born just before Christmas and I have been making up for nine months of deprivation ever since. But as I neared the end of what was anything other than a dry January, my body felt ready for a reset. And when you get to that point, there is nothing quite like a detox to put you on the straight and narrow.

Enter The Detox Kitchen, founded by Lily Simpson who, I remember reading, eats chocolate, drinks coffee and eats pasta – all in moderation. My kind of woman. She came up with the idea of The Detox Kitchen when a friend who had tried another diet delivery company but didn’t like the food said she wished Lily could cook healthy meals for her to help her lose weight. And the rest, as they say, is history.

A few years on and The Detox Kitchen is well established in the world of detoxes to your door. Based on the principles of balanced, healthy eating, their chefs and nutritionists develop delicious menus that cleanse your body ensuring you feel revitalised and energised. Thanks to baby-induced sleepless nights, this is just what I need right now.

They offer five packages – green / vegan / protein / active protein / green with protein – all free from wheat, dairy and refined sugar. Calorie content ranges from 900 to 1,800, and in a bid to help my jeans fit that bit better without keeling over, I opted for the 1,500-calorie protein package for an initial five days.

Monday morning and I wake up excited. And tired, which is a worry as tiredness brings out the carb craving and grazing in me. There is a hamper waiting behind my bins containing the day’s food – three meals and two snacks – a menu card for the week and an A-Z of my detox box. I follow the instructions and start with a white capsule, which, I read, is one of the most potent probiotics around, washed down with a wheatgrass shot – an antioxidant-rich powder that promotes healthy skin and supports the immune system. It tastes how I imagine pond water to taste, so it has to be doing some good…

The probiotic and pond water is a regular dose, as is a Pukka mint tea before bed, but the food – made up of wholegrains, legumes, veg, fruit, nuts, seeds and lean protein – is a daily novelty worth getting out of bed for. My menu for Monday is as follows:
Breakfast: Granola with flaked coconut, pecans and rice milk (it doesn’t look huge but take ages to chew (!) and gives me a sweet fix)
Fresh juice: Cucumber, celery, courgette, apple and lime (courgette and celery in a bottle?! I’m not a juicer when veg is involved so I give this a miss)
Nuts: Tamari seed mix (looks mini but does the trick and my tummy doesn’t grumble before lunch)
Lunch: Butter bean and pesto salad with radish, tomato and peas (well this is delicious. Given this as a starter in a smart restaurant, I’d gobble it up and order it the next time)
Snack: Red pepper hummus with carrot crudités (this is really filling and there’s plenty of hummus, so I add extra carrot sticks)
Supper: King prawns with Thai green curry (right up my street – the chef behind these meals is good)
Pudding: Apple crumble (by now I am full)
And so it goes on - a new menu a day, each genuinely delicious. I take Thursday off (helpfully, your five days don't need to be taken consecutively) unable to resist sushi and drinks with girlfriends and before I know it, it’s Saturday and my plan has come to an end. Revitalised and energised? Hard to say when you’re up with a baby every night, but as someone who has her carb and protein intake completely the wrong way around (as for sugar… we won’t even go there) I can tell you the effects are impressive. £170 for considerably more comfortable jeans, less bloating and clearer skin…. this could become a habit.



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