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How To Start Your Day Like A Nutritionist

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If your day tends to begin in a rushed panic, you’re not alone. Between deciding what to wear, getting the kids ready and trying to fit in a balanced breakfast, stress levels can easily soar by the time we’ve reached our desks. So, for a better organised and more mindful morning routine, we turned to the experts and asked four nutritionists their top tips for getting your day off to the best start.

Eat Mindfully

“I really believe in mindful eating and always take the time to eat my breakfast at the table without any technological distractions. Enjoy the flavours of each mouthful and notice how the food makes you feel – this will set you up for the day.” – Rhiannon Lambert

Stay Hydrated

“Drink a large glass of warm water soon after waking, adding in a squeeze of lemon juice. This will gently wake-up your body, but be wary of drinking too much water with your breakfast, as this can have a negative effect on digestion first thing.” – Cassandra Barns

Keep It Balanced

“A go-to, healthy breakfast for me is eggs – just make sure to buy the best, free range, organic ones available – they are protein-rich, will stabilise blood sugar and keep you full until lunchtime. While your meals should be largely dictated by activity levels, always strive for a balance with your breakfast, incorporating complex carbs, lean protein and healthy fats.” – Rhiannon Lambert

Get Meditating

“Practicing mantra-based meditation (as opposed to mindfulness meditation, which focuses on breathing) is it’s the perfect way to start the day. A mantra is a sound, word or phrase that can be repeated through your meditation – the action of repeating the mantra will calm your mind and enable you to be more present, setting you up for the day.” – Cassandra Barns

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Think Outside The Box

“Breakfast doesn’t have to be cereal and toast – I love seeing what’s in the fridge and incorporating leftovers. A typical breakfast for me is two organic scrambled eggs with an extra protein source (either half a tin of sardines or some leftover meat, I always aim for around 20g of protein in my breakfast), steamed greens, leftover roasted sweet potato and a couple of tablespoons of raw kimchi. I also take a probiotic supplement first thing – I love Quest’s Mega8Biotix, £13.20.” – Cassandra Barns

Fit In Some Exercise

“If you have a desk-based job or know you are going to have a particularly sedentary day, try and fit in some exercise first thing. As I am sat down for most of the day in my clinic, I try to walk to work (40 minutes) or book into a fun Pilates or yoga class with a friend.” – Rhiannon Lambert

Keep Your Coffee Organic

“A lot of us look forward to coffee each morning, but my golden rule is that it must always be organic. I recently came across CRU Kafe pods, which fit into a Nespresso machine and are 100% organic and free from any nasties.” – Amelia Freer

Be Prepared

“While scrambled egg and avocado on toast is a delicious and filling brekkie, in reality, you don’t always have time to whip up a dish. If you’re in a rush, have a boiled egg (prep a batch on Sundays and keep in the fridge) and avocado, which you can easily eat on the go. The protein will keep you full.” – Shona Wilkinson


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