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The Best Meditation Apps To Help You De-Stress

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Whilst you might think tech is the antithesis of mindfulness, your phone may actually be the answer to de-stressing after a hectic day. Offering a simple way to relax and recharge, meditation apps can guide you through to a happy state of mind, with sessions designed to fit with your lifestyle and needs. From hypnosis to breathing exercises, these are the best meditation apps to help you find some inner peace.


With over 80 soothing meditation rituals, each custom-designed by experts, Buddhify is one of the few meditation apps that you pay for entirely upfront with no hidden extras, costing £4.99 for iOS and £1.99 for Android. You really do get more bang for your buck, as each session is organised by theme, so if you need help waking up, getting to sleep, taking a mindful break from work, dealing with difficult emotions or stress, Buddhify will help you achieve a state of calm.




This monthly meditation subscription offers a free seven-day trial, which teaches you the basics of meditation. If you find it helpful, you can then sign up to the subscription, which will cost £7.99 per month, or £29.99 for the entire year. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to a series of sessions, including a 21-day programme for general wellbeing, and a week-long series that focuses on helping you get a better night’s sleep. There are individual guided sessions lasting between two and 20 minutes, as well as a relaxing soundtrack of music and nature sounds.




This long-standing, British-designed favourite comes with the seal of approval from actress Emma Watson for a straightforward approach to meditation. If you’re someone who is slightly sceptical about mindfulness, then this is the app for you. It works like a personal trainer, and you can draw up a wellness programme that works for you, selecting meditation sessions to fit your mood and lifestyle. The app comes with a variety of exercises ranging from two minutes to an hour, and covers a range of topics including health, performance and relationships, which will help you focus and relax. It comes with a ten-session starter pack free with the initial download, after that it will cost you £9.99 for a monthly subscription or £74.99 if you sign up for the annual plan.




This guided meditation app offers everything from quick, five-minute sessions to hour-long, calming breaks, designed to help you de-stress and unwind. Offering targeted meditation, ranging from stress relief and enhanced relationships to boosting your creativity. The app also teaches you the science behind meditation, and how it can help alleviate stressors, making it a great app for beginners who are new to mindfulness. Welzen subscriptions start from £3.99.



Stop, Breathe & Think

One of best feel-good apps out there, Stop, Breathe & Think aims to develop kindness and compassion in three simple steps. This free, award-winning app helps you monitor the highs and lows of your weeks by “checking in” at different times of the day, so you can review your anxiety and creativity levels based on the moods you enter into the app. It also works to help in other areas of wellness including sleep, improving focus and alleviating anxiety.



The Mindfulness App

One of the most accessible apps out there, The Mindfulness App offers a great selection of meditation sessions, with or without narrators, ranging from three to 30 minutes in length. Similar to Headspace and Calm, there’s an introductory series to start you off, with a number of meditation sessions included in the download. It’s free to download initially, but there’s also a premium library you can access for an additional cost: £3.75 a month for unlimited access or 99p for individual sessions.



Smiling Mind

Slightly different to most of the mindfulness apps out there, Smiling Mind was originally set up for children and young teens. There are tailored programmes for different age groups, and although the app was initially designed with a younger age group in mind, there’s a good mix of adult and teen programmes to cater for the whole family. It’s simple to use and completely free.




This self-hypnosis tool “uses psychoacoustics to unlock your subconscious and change your perception”. In layman’s terms, this means you can choose from various trance-inducing audio clips to help you with stress, sleep, losing weight, giving up smoking, boosting your mood and tackling anxiety. It’s a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs. Although admittedly very New Age – you immerse yourself in deep hypnosis sessions – if you approach it with an open mind, it can be really effective – and, it’s entirely free.


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