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The 3-Minute Health Check

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From the high fat/low fat debate to how much water we should be drinking per day, we’re constantly bombarded with contradictory health statements, so it’s no surprise many of us feel overwhelmed when it comes to making the right choices for our bodies. Already being used by doctors across Europe, the EIS is a game-changing treatment promising to answer your health queries, with advice tailored to your particular needs.
The non-invasive technology scans your body in just three minutes, highlighting imbalances as well as the state of organs and bodily systems, from hormone levels to body pH and even mental health status. Intrigued? SL put it to the test...

What is an EIS scan?

EIS, which stands for Electro Interstitial Scanner, is a scanning system already used by European doctors for over five years to provide a functional view of the organs within the body. By passing a direct low-voltage electrical current through the fluid that surrounds the cells (it’s entirely painless with no side-effects), the system provides a colour-coded 3D image of your organs and spine to pinpoint imbalances. 

What exactly does the treatment involve?

It’s straight-forward and takes little more than three minutes to complete. Six electrodes are attached to your hands, feet and forehead before the system is started. Once it has done its work, you will be shown a global view of your body’s organs and will receive a full consultation and breakdown of the results, including guidance on how to treat any imbalances.

So, what does it look at?

Scanning 69 different aspects of the human body with an impressive 87% accuracy, the system is an indispensable tool to find out what’s really going on inside the body. It can analyse metabolism, hormone levels (including cortisol and thyroid levels), hydration levels, acid-alkali levels, oxidative stress (i.e. the effect pollution is having on your body), mineral and glucose levels as well as the state of countless bodily systems, including the digestive, immune, cardiovascular, brain, nervous, urinary and reproductive systems.

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And what kind of health issues can it detect?

Everything from skin and sleep issues to brain chemistry with impressive accuracy. We were intrigued to discover low serotonin and dopamine levels were the root our sleep issues and that we should be drinking at least four litres of water per day for optimal health. And while we were convinced high cortisol levels were going to ring alarm bells, we were fascinated to find stress levels had triggered high insulin levels (as a result, we should be eating little and often, and notably more carbs). Also eye-opening was seeing how our bodies had been damaged by pollution, including exposure to passive smoking, as well as understanding more about our body’s pH, a notion that has had the wellness world gripped for months.

Who’s it for?

If you suffer from unexplained tiredness, bloating, depression, low energy levels or high stress but are unsure how to combat such issues, the test could be for you. While the scope and detail of the scan may seem overwhelming, the results are a true snapshot of your body and will enable you to get to the root of health niggles otherwise unsolved by your GP. Similarly, if you’ve recently embarked on a vegan or vegetarian diet, the scan can help to show how your body is responding nutritionally.

The outcome?

You’ll receive a full written explanation of your results as well as a specific treatment plan. We were prescribed flaxseed oil to boost serotonin, holy basil (an adaptogen) for stress levels, super-strength probiotics and a collagen supplement for overall health. Two weeks in, we definitely feel less anxious, are sleeping better and our skin feels considerably plumper.
Your first session, which includes a consultation, health check, scan, reports and a bespoke diet plan with Vidhi Patel from Gold Collagen, costs £150; follow-up sessions cost £90. Appointments can be booked by calling 0203 818 9440 or online.



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