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2017’s Cheapest Travel Destinations Outside Of Europe

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Lusting after a long-haul trip but don’t think you’ve quite got the budget? You’re in for a pleasant surprise. Every year, Post Office Travel Money compares the average daily spend in various locations all over the world, to find the cheapest places for a far-flung getaway. With the results for 2017 now in, from vibrant city breaks to tranquil tropical paradises, these are the top ten cheapest holiday destinations outside Europe.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is a hugely diverse country, particularly when it comes to the thousands of islands – 6,800, in fact – that form part of the country’s rich, varied terrain. From north to south, it’s a destination set to beguile, with everything from watercolour-like landscapes and beautiful beaches to snow-covered mountains and bustling cities. To sample a slice of modern Japan, head to the streets of Tokyo, for a fuel-injected adrenaline rush into a world of swarming street crowds and flashing neon lights. As the world’s largest city – playing host to over eight million people – Tokyo is somewhere that constantly reinvents itself. Boasting everything from utopian mega-malls and towering skyscrapers to lantern-lit festivals and sacred temples, a new discovery awaits at the corner of every street.

Average daily spend: £53.59


Cape Town, South Africa

A glorious blend of cultures, cuisines and dazzling landscapes, Cape Town is South Africa’s most romantic and most visited city. The magnificent Table Mountain National Park is the crown of the city – a spellbinding backdrop stretching from Signal Hill to Cape Point that features everything from sandstone mountains and craggy beaches to wild forests. Standing on the top of the mountain at 1,086m altitude, you can look north for dizzying views of the city centre, or towards the south, where you’ll find forested mountainsides scattered with historic vineyards and landscaped gardens. But amidst the dramatic backdrops, there are charming towns, villages and estates, with acres of award-winning vineyards, bustling markets and endless eateries offering the finest in world cuisine.

Average daily spend: £59.54


Cancún, Mexico

There are two sides to Cancún – the glitzy hotel zone famed for its white, sandy beaches, rebellious party scene and swanky seafood restaurants and then the city itself, giving globetrotters a taste of the local flavours of Mexico, with pared-back local tapas joints serving up sizzling meats atop crispy tortillas and stunning stretches of untouched beach. Cancún is destination that has it all – go from late-night, raucous discos and downtown salsa dancing to languid poolside lounging in one fell swoop. To explore further afield, head out to the Quintana Roo state to discover the pristine national park of Isla Contoy, or head north to Isla Holbox where you can jump into the azure waters to swim alongside whale sharks.

Average daily spend: £62.13


Bali, Indonesia

Bali – an island lover’s dream. A surfer’s paradise and tropical state of mind that boasts stretches of beaches, fantastic cuisine and burning orange sunsets. With a host of different landscapes, there are jungles, rice paddies, and ancient temples to explore as well as incredible food, shopping, nightlife and yoga retreats. And it’s not just Bali that promises exotic climes, you can hop on a boat to explore the majestic coasts of Lombok and the Gili Islands in all their tropical splendour.

Average daily spend: £66.12


Phuket, Thailand

At 49km long, Phuket wins the prize as Thailand’s largest island. Amidst the hustle of Phuket Town there are beautiful beaches and luxury hotels waiting to be explored. Phuket Town itself is a bubbling hot pot of art and culture, with a mix of museums, historical architecture and delectable cuisine, while heading out to the southern tip of Rawai remains blissfully peaceful – the ideal location for a languid beach break. An hour or so north of Phuket, the Andaman Sea coast stretches out into a long run of white sand beaches and the Khao Lak national park, but if its luxury you’re after, head to Hat Surin and Ao Bang Thao, where jet-setters flock in their droves to hit the designer shops, sip cocktails on luxury yachts and bask beside the pool at some of Thailand’s most exclusive hotels.

Average daily spend: £68.34


Mombasa, Kenya

An intoxicating blend of cultures, Mombasa is an exotic mix of India, Arabia and Africa, with mosques and dozens of Hindu and Sikh temples dotted around the city. Alluring and incredibly hot, the city has a sense of chaos that only adds to the place’s considerable charm. Dubbed Kisiwa Cha Mvita – the Island of War – the city has many faces, and whilst it doesn’t have a huge number of sights, most visitors will want to check out its main attraction: the museum-monument Fort Jesus, in the shadow of which lies Mombasa’s Old Town, where you can meander the hive of narrow lanes peppered with extravagantly decorated mosques and carved doorways. Further afield, the baobab forest and Mbaraki Pillar, a seventeenth-century pillar tomb, are also worth a visit, and if you want to escape the heat, head to the beaches – the nearest being Nyali Beach on the north coast mainland.

Average daily spend: £72.74


Lima, Peru

For many travellers, Peru's awe-inspiring Machu Picchu Inca trail is the long-anticipated highlight of their South American trip. But there’s reason to stop over in Lima before heading off on your ancient Inca trek. A sprawling metropolis that, after Cairo, is the second-driest world capital, with a dramatic coastline of jagged cliffs and swathes of rich architecture from high-rise condos to pre-Columbian temples and a sea of shanty towns that line the busy highways. Lima is sophisticated and captivating, fizzing with energy and excitement, particularly during the height of the summer, which runs from December through till March. Explore the city’s stately museums, edgy art galleries and crowded, buzzing nightclubs, whilst of course setting aside ample time to sample the gastronomic delights of the capital’s culinary genius – the home of Peruvian ceviche.

Average daily spend: £72.94


Orlando, USA

Whilst Orlando’s main attractions are of course the perennially popular worlds of Walt Disney and Universal Orlando, that state has a lot more to offer than garish theme parks, if you’re open to explore. Wander through the charming, tree-lined neighbourhoods, soak up the rich performing arts scene and marvel at the fabulous gardens, nature preserves and museums in and around the city, which offer a much slower pace of life. Downtown holds the city’s best nightlife, so if you’re looking for after-dark action, this is where to head.

Average daily spend: £74.89


Penang, Malaysia

One of Malaysia’s most diverse, cosmopolitan cultures, Penang is a food haven, and the culinary capital of South-East Asia. The island’s lively “capital”, George Town, has an intriguing blend of colonial, Indian, Malay and Chinese culture, and delivers old-world Asia in spades. Swarms of trishaws pedal through the streets past watermarked Chinese shophouses, spectacular temples and glimmering guildhalls, as the scent of blue joss sticks permeates the air. But as well as this bustling centre, the rest of the island’s tropical abundance is a paradise crying out to be explored. Soak up the sun on the palm-fringed beaches, wander through the quaint fishing villages and marvel at the mountainous jungles and exotic fruit farms. There’s plenty more to discover in Penang’s mainland section, Seberang Perai, too.

Average daily spend: £76.13


Hoi An, Vietnam

Graceful, charming and fiercely traditional, the small city of Hoi An is one of the most atmospheric in Vietnam. Laidback and intriguing, the narrow streets and wooden-fronted shophouses, grand ancient architecture and enchanting riverside setting work in harmony to retain the city’s old-world charm. It’s the only place in in Vietnam that has a restriction on motorbike use, and the only place that enforces local business, by law, to dangle lanterns from their facades. Come nightfall they emit a magical glow, with their light reflecting on the waters of the Thu Bon River. The Old Town preserves its legacy of Japanese merchant houses, Chinese temples and ancient culture, but it’s paired, today, with a wondrous selection of luxe lounge bars, boutique hotels, travel markets and a glut of tailor shops, which are at the heart of Hoi An’s stylish scene. Down by the market on Cam Nam Island, little has changed, giving tourists a taste of traditional Vietnam in all its splendour. Travel just a few kilometres further for some fabulous bicycle, motorbike and boat trips, to marvel at the breathtaking scenery and relax on the stunning, golden sandy beaches.

Average daily spend: £79

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