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How To Be Mindful Everyday

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If you find yourself constantly running on autopilot, rushing through daily activities, overthinking and often exhausted, you’re not alone. And the chances are you could benefit from being a little more mindful. While most of us are aware of the benefits of mindfulness – improved physical and emotional wellbeing, more focus and intuition and release from anxiety and stress – making a conscious effort to be more present and aware can easily be pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists.

Step forward bestselling wellness author Theresa Cheung’s latest book, 21 Rituals To Change Your Life, which aims to make mindfulness an integral part of our lives in just three weeks.

The premise… Split into seven morning rituals, seven afternoon rituals and seven evening rituals, the 21 practices take only a few minutes and will help anyone attract positive change in their lives in just 21 days. Championing the power of living in and appreciating the moment, the rituals are practical, straight-forward and easily incorporated into even the busiest of days.

And what do the rituals involve? All 21 rituals should be practiced three times per day at the same time. Morning rituals include simply waking up earlier, stretching first thing instead of reaching for your phone and deep breathing; midday rituals comprise acts of kindness and making a hot drink; evening rituals include keeping a diary, being thankful before dinner and practicing gratitude.

Each ritual comes with practical tips, advice and a thorough explanation – for example, making a cup of tea may seem like a trivial event, but when done mindfully can be a moment for self-reflection. Similarly, consciously avoiding reaching for our phones first thing allows us to connect with our bodies and assess how we are feeling.

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Who is the book for? If you think being mindful requires engaging in a special activity like meditation or yoga, then the book will provide an insight into mindful living as well as simple hacks that will enable you to be more aware throughout the day. Written at an introductory level, the book provides the perfect solution for those looking to become more mindful but who are unsure where to start.

Why we rate it: It reportedly takes 21 days to form a new habit, and the simple rituals in the book go one step further, enabling you to connect with your habits and be more present. With increasing research showing mindfulness can help boost wellbeing, tackle anxiety and depression, as well as support attitudes that contribute to a more satisfied life, the book really could be a first step to a happier life. Unpretentious, easy to follow and practical, this is mindfulness for everyone.

21 Rituals To Change Your Life by Theresa Cheung, £7.99


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