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Whilst we may be wary of the hidden sugar in our food, what about in our drinks? We know the sweet stuff is the majority of our favourite tipples, but it’s not always immediately obvious how much. A single glass of your favourite Sauvignon can contain around five teaspoons of sugar, and, bearing in mind NHS guidelines suggest consuming no more than seven teaspoons of sugar daily, it can really start to add up after a few glasses.

So, we’ve rounded up some low-sugar alternatives that you can tuck into almost entirely guilt-free (well, they’re much healthier than the sugary stuff). These are the wines, gins, vodkas and bubbles to enjoy without the huge sugar hit…

Skinny Tonic Water, £1.25 | Double Dutch

This zesty, low-calorie tonic water is made up of all-natural ingredients, with a low sugar content and 60% fewer calories than the full fat version.

21 calories per 100ml, 4.6g sugar

Sugar-Free Margarita In A Bag, £6.42 | Lieutenant Blender’s

These sugar-free cocktail mixes use stevia for sweetness, which is a natural sweetener extracted from the candyleaf plant. Choose from margarita, daiquiri and mojito.

4 fl oz, 84 calories, 0g fat, 20g carbs, 0g protein

Frankland River Chardonnay, £16.08 | Ferngrove

Oaky and creamy with a light finish, this full-bodied Chardonnay leaves a hint of delicious grapefruit and pear on the palate.

81 calories per 125ml, residual sugar 1.02 g/l

Sauvignon Blanc, £7.99 (was £9.99) | Excelsior

Pale gold in colour with a light green tint, this Sauvignon has a complex nose, with passion fruit and grapefruit infused with aromatic fresh herbs.

Residual sugar 1.9g/l

Spice 94, £29.95 | Seedlip

The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit has caused quite a stir on the drinks scene. It’s sugar and sweetener free, with only 0.2 calories per 50ml, and has a kind of gin-like quality, with a smokey, clove-like and citrusy taste. It’s mixed in the same way as gin, with gorgeous botanicals, so it’s full of flavour, but entirely alcohol free.

0.2 calories per 50ml, 0.1g fat, 0.2g sugar

Skinny Sauvignon Blanc, £7.99 (was £8.99) | Roche Mazet

A low-calorie Sauvignon Blanc with record-breakingly low sugar levels. With a lovely pale straw colour and subtle green and gold highlights, this wonderful white has a powerful nose of tropical fruit with elegant florals. Vibrant and lively on the palate, it’s bursting with fruity aromas that lead to a refreshing citrusy finish.

72 calories per 125 ml, residual sugar 1.06g/l

Cava Gran Reserva, £11.79 | Vilarnau

A lean and mineral-laced super-dry Cava with just 3g sugar per litre, this sparkling wine is savoury and toasty with hints of green apple and pear.

3g/l sugar per 125ml

Skinny Prosecco, £17.95 | Thomson & Scott

A beautifully crafted Prosecco with the added benefit of being low in sugar – containing just 7g per litre. Capturing the taste of your favourite fizz, this organic Italian Prosecco is from Soligo in the provence of Treviso and has less than 50% of the usual sugar content added in the production process.

81 calories per 125ml, ABV 11%, 7g/l sugar (under half the amount than most commercial Prosecco)

Skinny Pinot Grigio, £8.99 (was £10.99) | McMains

Light in colour, the 2013 Pinot Grigio from McManis Family Vineyards in California is packed full of zesty citrus scents. One sip offers lemon, lime and tangy grapefruit flavours. Crisp and weighty with a bold flavour, there’s a fresh taste that lingers after drinking.

73 calories per 125ml, residual sugar 2.03g/l

Natureo De-Alcoholised Red, £5.99 | Torres

Boasting aromas of pomegranate and currant with hints of oak-imparted vanilla and toast, this naturally alcohol-free red wine is round, balanced and soft on the palate. Ideal with pasta, roast meats or wild game dishes.

32 calories per 100ml, 3.6g sugar

Skinny Gin, £28.99 | SkinnyBooze LTD

Containing just 45 calories per 25ml, this all-organic low-calorie gin blend is bursting with natural botanicals, which means there are no artificial flavours, preservatives or added sugar. Compared to standard gins, which usually contain around 60 – 80 calories per 25ml serving, this takes a slim G&T to a whole new level. Pair with a low-cal, low-sugar mixer for guilt-free indulgence.

45 calories

Vodka Blond, £35.42 | Virtuous

Virtuous Vodka is a 100% organic, Swedish vodka with no added sugars or aromas, and comes in four flavours: Blond (original), Ginger, Raspberry and Bitter Lemon. Containing all-natural ingredients, this is a way of adding punchy flavour to long drinks or cocktails without having to top them up with sugary mixers.


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