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From boosting cardio performance to recharging muscles and energy, workout supplements are no longer reserved for body-builders. Protein powder has become a regular, established post-workout treatment too, spurring a host of new-gen brands and formulas for men and women alike. With that in mind, we went straight to the pros to find out the supplements they recommend and why.

(A word of warning – supplements aren’t supposed to substitute a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. Before you invest, remember one size doesn’t fit all so it’s important to consider what your body needs. But as co-founder of Neat Nutrition Charlie Turner explains, “If you’re struggling to eat the right foods, or find maintaining a balanced diet between work and other commitments, sometimes a supplement can help, especially if lean muscle is what you’re after.”)

Read on for the expert’s picks...

High Five Multivitamin & Mineral Formula, £26.25 | Viridian

BEST FOR ENERGY: “Packed with B vitamins to boost energy levels and metabolism, this all-rounder also works to keep blood glucose levels on an even keel and the added magnesium helps to support muscle recovery.” – Nicole Noble, PT & Run Club Leader at Frame

Creatine Monohydrate, £1.59 | Bulk Powders

BEST FOR HIIT: “Second only to whey protein on the list of must-haves for any serious gym-goer, creatine has been shown to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short term, high-intensity exercise such as HIIT and resistance training. This powder can be mixed with water and should be taken as part of an ongoing programme, not just a one-off, for best results.” – David Kingsbury, Founder of OPUS

Lean Protein, £34 | Neat Nutrition

BEST FOR PROTEIN: “It goes without saying a good-quality protein powder should be part of an active lifestyle. When you workout, you create tears in your muscles which then need to repair themselves. Amino acids, found in protein supplements, can help to repair and restore muscles and speed up recovery.” – Charlie Turner, Co-Founder of Neat Nutrition  

Lean Boost Supplement, £22 | Neat Nutrition

BEST FOR A PRE-HOLIDAY BOOST: “This hard-working formula encourages fat burning and aids the development of lean muscle without added protein, making it the ideal choice for those who typically steer clear of protein powders.” – Charlie Turner, Co-Founder of Neat Nutrition

Pregnacare Original 30 Tablets, £5.35 | Vitabiotics

BEST FOR MUMS-TO-BE: “This was recommended to me by my midwife when I was pregnant and still taking classes at Barry’s – it has you covered nutrition-wise and is chock-full of folic acid and zinc to support a healthy pregnancy.” – Anya Lahiri, Barry’s Bootcamp Master Trainer

Fish Oil Concentrate, £13.50 | Solgar

BEST FOR GYM BUNNIES: “Proven to reduce inflammation, body fat percentage and blood pressure, fish oils can also help to build lean muscle mass and are a great overall supplement for any keen gym-goer.” – David Kingsbury, Founder of OPUS

Vegan Protein (Hemp & Pea), £34 | Neat Nutrition

BEST FOR VEGANS: "If you follow a vegan diet and workout regularly, it could be worth taking this powder on a daily basis. It is packed with a spectrum of amino acids, which are often deficient in plant-based regimes.” – Charlie Turner, Co-Founder of Neat Nutrition 

Food-Grown Magnesium, £16.50 | Wild Nutrition

BEST FOR RECOVERY: “If you workout regularly yet struggle with sore muscles and are constantly tired or stressed, it could be helpful to take a good-quality magnesium supplement. Take before bed to aid sleep and boost muscle recovery.” – Anya Lahiri, Barry’s Bootcamp Master Trainer


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