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In the wellness world, the Mediterranean diet is as acclaimed as it gets. But aside from the abundance of omega-3s, healthy fats and vegetables, recent studies have brought to light a certain aspect of the diet that could make a lasting impact on our health. Step forward rosemary – the health ingredient we all have in our kitchens…

Tell us more…

Rosemary has been the talk of the health world ever since researchers at the University of California announced new findings about the effects of the herb. They identified a small fishing village south of Naples that has an unusual concentration of citizens over the age of 100, with very low rates of Alzheimer’s and heart disease – and discovered that the prevalence of rosemary in the residents’ diet, cropping up in almost every meal, was likely a major factor.

So is it really all down to rosemary?

Research suggests this may be the case. While the healing power of spices to battle inflammation and promote healthy sugar levels as well improve brain and heart function is well-known, rosemary, until now, has largely been overlooked. Studies show it has wide-reaching benefits, including:

  • A powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect (it’s packed with rosmarinic acid which can help fight against free radicals to ward off chronic illnesses and health problems)

  • Helping to prevent cancer – the herb contains fatty acids that encourage cancerous cells in tumours to stop reproducing and eventually die

  • Improving memory performance

  • Strengthening joints and cartilage

  • Improving blood circulation

  • Promoting eye health

Who’s it for?

Given rosemary’s far-reaching benefits for mind and body alike, there is evidence to suggest this powerful herb can benefit people of all ages.

How best to consume rosemary?

While it goes without saying it can be added to myriad dishes – from roast meats to stews and soups – new-kid-on-the block No1 Rosemary Water makes getting your daily health fix that little bit easier. Each bottle is packed with pure, fresh rosemary extract, bottled to the highest quality standards and available in still or sparkling form. Plus, with no added sugar (it contains just two ingredients – pure rosemary botanical extract and pure spring water), we suggest you make a bee-line for this health-boosting drink asap.

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