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How To Improve Your Linkedin

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If it’s been a while since you updated your LinkedIn profile, it’s probably time for a refresh. But whilst the networking site can be an invaluable tool for building your career or growing a business, it’s not always the easiest to navigate. Well, SL is on hand, with our tips and tricks for making the most of the site. From tailoring your profile to promoting your business, here are the tricks you should know for boosting your LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn Groups

Searching for a job in a particular industry? Joining a related LinkedIn group shows you’re engaged in the field, as well as providing valuable professional connections. Also, make sure to join your University’s alumni group, which is a valuable opportunity for online networking.

Share & Write Relevant Articles 

Your feed – the LinkedIn equivalent of Facebook TimeLine – is the place to keep up to speed with career developments and interests within your network. Increase your presence on the site by sharing articles relevant to your industry, or, go one better, and write an article yourself examining a particular trend or challenge – this will stand you in good stead for any future career changes.

Ask For Recommendations

Having recommendations on your profile is an easy way to impress. So, next time a colleague is pleased with your work on a particular project, why not ask them to write a few lines of recommendation on LinkedIn? Ask them to be specific about the skills you displayed, as this will carry much more weight than a simple, ”good to work with”.

Steer Clear Of Buzzwords

Responsible has been deemed the most overused buzzword on LinkedIn, with others such as creative, strategic and driven also ranking highly. Buzzwords can make your profile blend in with everyone else’s, and can indicate a lack of creativity and thought. Take time to consider specific examples of when you’ve demonstrated a particular skill and try to showcase your individuality.

On a Similar Note

Make A Company Page

Promote your own business by making a company page on LinkedIn alongisde your personal profile. Through this, you can share blog posts and articles about developments in the business, widen the reach of your brand and build a network of individuals and other businesses you want to work with.

Be As Detailed As Possible

Make sure all your employment information is completely up to date with as much information as possible. Providing a short but detailed summary for each position you’ve held makes you more likely to appear in an employer’s search. Don’t forget to include extras such as work experience and volunteering – these will all help to give your profile a more individual feel.

Curate Your Profile

Your personal photo should look professional – nothing outdated or overly casual – and a visually appealing background picture can add some personality to your profile. Another way to tidy up your page is by customising your URL, which is usually a mess of letters and numbers – having your full name in your URL will keep it in line with your other social pages. Also, make sure you add links to any other professional other websites – a blog or portfolio, for example.

Follow Influencers

LinkedIn Influencers are a global collective of more than 500 of the world’s top leaders and innovators from a huge range of industries, with Bill Gates and Richard Branson among the invite-only group. Following influencers in your field gives you the opportunity to learn from the very best, and provides you with a ready-made community of those discussing the big issues in your industry.


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