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The Only Haircare Product You Need

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If you haven’t already heard of Hairstory, let us introduce you – the brainchild of Michael Gordon, Founder of Bumble & Bumble, this new label is taking haircare back to basics, with a flagship product encouraging us to ditch our shampoo and conditioner in favour of a single cleanser. Sceptical? So were we…

The concept...

As Michael Gordon explains, “shampoo can contain the same detergent found in industrial cleaners”. If you wash your hair with detergent (Gordon assures us even the most expensive shampoos are still 80% water and a lot of harsh chemicals) it will undoubtedly dry it out, even if you splurge on luxe conditioners, masks and treatments to reverse the damage. That’s where Hairstory comes in – formulated without sodium lauryl sulphate, a foaming detergent used by nearly every company across the globe, but with a hefty dose of natural oils and botanical extracts, Hairstory’s products promise to change the way you wash your hair.

Any standout products?

Offering cleansing and conditioning benefits in one, the non-foaming cleanser New Wash is the star of the show. The detergent-free formula cleanses the hair and scalp with a combination of essential oils (jojoba, evening primrose and sunflower seed, among others), carefully curated vitamins and lightweight conditioners.

New Wash doesn’t cause build-up in the hair and leaves tresses increasingly healthy, smooth, soft and vibrant, with the aim of making conditioner and masks obsolete. Over time, you’ll find you don’t need to cleanse as much as you used to because your scalp will stop over-producing oils caused by the prolonged use of traditional shampoo.

Who’s it for?

New Wash is suitable for every type of hair, whether curly, coloured, fine or thick.

What are people saying?

Forbes contributor Kristen Philipkoski says she has, “gone from using shampoo and globs of conditioner, plus a styling balm... and a mask at least once a week to using only New Wash,”; InStyle claim it will “change how you wash your hair” and Wallpaper call it a “revolution”.

So, does it really work?

Judging by the response from the beauty world, as well as the 700-plus five-star reviews on Hairstory’s site, it’s safe to say the brand is doing something right. This new-generation formula is designed to leave hair smoother and more manageable, not to mention frizz-free.

Anything else?

New Wash takes centre stage, but also on offer are a line of styling products including an air-drying balm and blow-dry cream, all of which have been designed to encourage the hair to move naturally and look its best without the need for hundreds of products.


New Wash , £44

Hair Balm,  £39


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