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8 Ways to Fall Asleep

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If you’re someone who doesn’t find getting to sleep at night plain sailing, you’re not alone – insomnia is one of the UK’s biggest health worries, and the most commonly googled issue. SL contributor Nina Clark has put together eight tried and tested ways to fall asleep faster…

1. Put your body to sleep limb by limb. Start at the toes - think of them getting heavy and falling asleep, then move up to the rest of your body; your heels, ankles, calves etc. This will help keep any fretting over upcoming presentations at work and the in-laws’ impending visit at bay.

2. Visualise how your loved ones are sleeping. For example, your sister sleeps on the left side of the bed and her bed faces the wall and her room is oriented in a specific direction. Your dad sleeps on his back, snores with his mouth open and likes to keep the door open. While you are at it, can you remember the decorating details of each person’s room?

3. Go through the alphabet and think of a person’s name/a type of animal/your favourite food that starts with each letter. You will be so focused on the task of finding the answer that any worries should soon be forgotten. If numbers are your forte, why not try some simple multiplication to bore you to sleep.

4. Replay the past day in your mind, from the minute your alarm went off. Alternatively, you could plan through your upcoming day in painstaking detail. Think through every element of your next day's outfit, including accessories, hair-do and make-up. Not only does this little activity distract you from the act of not sleeping, but you will also feel well-prepared for the morning rush.

5. Pretend you are going to fall through the bed. It may sound silly but it makes you realise how tense your body is so you can be sure to relax every muscle. Also, try to think of how nice it is to be in a warm, cosy bed. The mere thought might bring a smile to your face and decrease your frustration.

 6. Start a dream. Imagine a scene that you want to dream about and introduce it to your subconscious while still awake. 

7. If you have a cat/kid/partner sharing your bed, try and mimic their breathing. If they are already fast asleep, the slow breathing will help to slow yours down, too.

8. Try this podcast for sheer entertainment value: Sleep with Me. We’ve been drifting off to Dearest Scooter’s dulcet musings of ‘super dull stories’ (his own words) for a few nights now and have never enjoyed the process of nodding off more.



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