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Four Simple Steps To Happiness

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No matter who we are or what we’re doing, there’s always room in our lives for a little extra happiness. Hypnotherapist and life coach Lucia Mizzoni believes that by developing a few simple habits we can significantly raise our happiness levels. SL caught up with Lucia for a lesson in contentment, fulfilment and developing inner peace.

Refuse To Accept Negative Comments

Refusing to accept destructive criticism is one of the single most positive things we can do. The key to achieving this is to understand that criticism is all about the person delivering it – those who criticise others reserve even more criticism for themselves, so although the apparent dissatisfaction is with you, it is always related to something that dissatisfies them about themselves. It might be difficult at first but remember, criticism can only affect you if you allow it and crucially, if you agree with it.

If you find someone close to you is very critical, it can be helpful to rephrase the criticism by saying: “What exactly are you trying to achieve by telling me…?” or “Can you repeat what you just said, I didn’t actually hear you?” When challenged in this way, people rarely repeat their criticism. If they do, simply saying, “I’m not letting that in”, can be very effective. The exception to this is constructive criticism, if you feel that someone’s input could make you better at what you do, then take it on board.

Stop Criticising Yourself

Too many of us begin our day with a flow of self-criticism. This conscious or subconscious destructive dialogue often continues throughout the day with internal put-downs such as “I always mess things up” or “I ruined that presentation.” Imagine if your best friend spoke to you this way –  the friendship would be short-lived. Be kind to yourself. Train yourself to swap the negative for the positive. And when you do something wrong, allow yourself to make a mistake and move on.

Let In Praise

If you are in the habit of batting away compliments – stop. So many of us let criticism in and deflect praise when it should be the other way around. It is like being given a gift and refusing it, which is usually considered rude. Compliments are just the same, yet all too often we block this positive energy coming in – try to accept it instead.

Studies have shown that praising yourself is as effective as being praised by somebody else, so think of things you’d like to hear your partner, friends, boss or parents say to you and begin saying it to yourself. Adopting this new habit of praising yourself can turn from practice to embedded belief in as little as ten days to three weeks.

On a Similar Note

Believe You Are Enough

Problems with negativity usually go back to not feeling funny, successful, rich, clever, deserving or lovable enough. Even those who have achieved wealth or success are not immune from this feeling. It’s easy to believe whatever we achieve in life isn’t sufficient because the finish line keeps moving every time we get close to it.

These ‘not enough’ feelings are behind compulsions such as over-eating, over-spending and hoarding. The antidote to this is to reaffirm every day the simple phrase: “I am enough, I have enough, I have always been enough and I will always be enough.” Repeat this to yourself whilst in the shower, cleaning your teeth or walking the dog and it will soon become second nature.

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