SL Reviews: The Beauty Treatment That Gets Rid Of Cellulite |

SL Reviews: The Beauty Treatment That Gets Rid Of Cellulite

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With the vast majority of us suffering from cellulite at some point in our lifetime, it’s hardly surprising us Brits are spending more than £60m a year on anti-cellulite creams and treatments. Affecting everyone from couch potatoes to long-distance runners, dimpled skin does not discriminate, and treating it can seem near to impossible. So we booked in with Cellcosmet to put their cult anti-cellulite treatment to the test…
The concept... Designed to smooth and sculpt the silhouette, boost circulation and tackle stubborn cellulite, Cellcosmet’s Anti-Cellulite Treatment is a targeted therapy for those suffering from orange peel and water retention as well as a sluggish body. If you haven’t heard of Cellcosmet, the Swiss super brand’s products are some of the best in the business, formulated with innovative cellular technology that promise impressive results. The 60-minute anti-cellulite treatment aims to instantly decongest cellulite-afflicted areas of the body as well as burn unwanted fat in the long-run for smoother, dimple-free thighs.

The treatment... After a brutally honest consultation with our therapist – we booked in with Sharon, who comes highly recommended; interestingly, she told us sluggish circulation was one of the main reasons behind cellulite not salt, sugar or how much water we drink. The treatment started with a gentle exfoliation to stimulate lipolysis (the burning of fats) on your chosen areas – rather depressingly, we were told our calves required the most work followed by our upper thighs. A potent oil was then massaged into the legs to eliminate toxins and break down fatty deposits; the final part of the puzzle was an anti-cellulite mask, a marine-algae rich formula liberally applied to our entire lower body, stomach included. We were then wrapped in a plastic sheet to encourage sweating and thus induce the removal of toxins as well as ease water retention.

And the results? Over an hour later, Sharon had worked on our entire lower body. While the results weren’t immediately obvious, a thorough examination in the mirror at home that evening revealed a significant improvement in the texture and tone of our thighs and tummy. Even days later, we felt less bloated, tighter and our orange peel did appear to be less obvious. However, unless you’re loyal to your body brush, the results are unlikely to last long-term. 

Don’t expect... Any glamour. Akin to a bikini wax, there is no modesty with this treatment and it’s certainly not for the body shy – it’s carried out under bright lights and you are completely naked.

Would we go back? Yes, especially before a summer holiday. While we were a little disappointed the results didn’t last (a course of treatments is recommended for those with particularly stubborn cellulite), for those after a quick fix for tightened, re-defined and notably firmer flesh, this comes highly recommended. In the meantime, we’ll be sticking with our body brush.
Cellcosmet Swiss Anti-Cellulite Treatment, £150, is available at Cellcosmet spas and salons nationwide.

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