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Whilst we’re by no means advocates of crash dieting, if you’ve overindulged in the run up to summer and are in need a bit of a health boost, a detox could be for you. But forget juice cleanses and strict rules, good, honest and delicious food is the way to get back on the health wagon in time for the holidays.

Enter CRU8 – the highly-raw, mainly plant-based detox that actually does taste as good as it makes you feel.

What’s the concept?

Firstly, forget the word detox. If you’re someone who veers away from juice cleanses and crash dieting, the thought of a strict meal plan probably doesn’t interest you. But CRU8 is different. Yes, they play into the highly-raw, plant-based wellness revolution, but their meal plans revolve around good, seasonal, high-quality dishes. The only rules are no dairy or wheat and everything’s almost exclusively organic.

CRU8 is backed by in-depth research – Founder Alexi von Eldik studied at Oxford and completed an MSc in Organisational Psychology, focusing her thesis on how food affects work productivity, energy levels and wellbeing. So the plans are centred on keeping the nutritional value of every ingredient as high as possible, enhancing personal productivity, mental clarity and general wellbeing through food.

How does it work?

CRU8 deliver everything you need for your plan straight to your home or office. We went for the advised five-day plan – ideal if you want to kick start healthy eating but still want a social life come the weekend. The deliveries arrive either every day or with enough food for up to three days, on time and with no fuss. You’ll get breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner.

The food…


Ranged from CRU8’s own range muesli to cinnamon buckwheat granola to Paleo kale bread with a poached egg; they were varied, tasty and kept us full until lunch.


Lunch was heartier than we expected, with plates piled high with a rainbow of vegetables. In fact, some days there was even a little too much. It’s all perfectly balanced and pretty much raw, so calorie counting isn’t a worry. Standouts from the week included the Salmon Nicoise Salad, the Prawn Tikka Salad and the Harissa Chicken Salad – all of which incited food envy in the office.


Dinner was the most daunting of the lot. We’re used to eating our main meal in the evening so the thought of what was on offer – broccoli soup and bone broth with courgette – didn’t excite us all that much. How wrong we were. All the dinners were delicious and we went to bed feeling content. Plus, for those five days, we slept the best we ever had.


Prior to this detox, we weren’t ones for snacking other than the odd treat in the office, but CRU8’s deliveries encouraged us to have one healthy snack in the mid-morning and again in the afternoon. These included activated almonds, crudities and turmeric hummus, kale chips and, our favourite, pink grapefruit and pomegranate. The tartness of the pink grapefruit and the sweetness of the pomegranate seeds worked as the perfect mid-morning pick-me-up, kept us full and productive until lunch and even had us forgetting our 11am flat white addiction.

The results…

Our productivity at work, sleep and energy levels were all improved. We lost almost half a stone, but much of this was probably water retention, and without a doubt felt slimmer and more confident. CRU8’s plan shows that what you put into your body has effects on all areas of wellbeing. Will we be trying it again? Absolutely, but in the meantime, we’ll try to stick to some of its principles day-to-day rather than just before our next holiday.

A CRU8 five-day cleanse costs £225 and can be delivered to your home or workplace in London.


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