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7 Reasons To Watch Love Island


Love it or hate it, the start of summer signals the return of ITV2's cult hit Love Island. And whilst it’s anything but highbrow (expect everything from alcohol-fuelled games of spin the bottle to secret trysts with glamour models), with 1.2 million viewers tuning in for the first episode, it seems to be just what we’re after for a bit of escapism.
Based on a 
Big Brother-like formula, contestants shack up in a Majorcan villa for six weeks, coupling up to avoid eviction. From lover's spats to intense spray tans, here’s why we love it...

There’s Genuine Romance

Forget romantic comedies or cheesy Netflix sitcoms – nothing says true romance like two spray-tanned 20-somethings having sex on live TV. But move aside cynics – since 2016’s inaugural series there have been two Love Island babies and a wedding to boot.

It’s Full Of Sexy Stuff

If you thought Versailles was explicit, Love Island takes it to a whole new level. Frequent nudity and obscene sexual behaviour put an illicit spin on the action, making it the juiciest show of the summer.

It’s A Window Into The Human Psyche

In the space of six weeks, contestant fall in love, cheat, recover from break-ups and meet their next bed mate, all whilst being pitted against each other. Consider this the ultimate microcosm of millennial life.

There’s Eye Candy Aplenty

With gym-honed torsos and bikini body inspo, you’re guaranteed to have a favourite.

The Competition Is Exciting

Love Island treads the competitive trash TV path established byThe Bachelor and America’s Next Top Model. Pick a couple and you’ll be rooting for them until the end.

It’s A Trip Down Memory Lane

If you yearn for your hedonistic university days (read: long boozy sessions and late-night antics), Love Island is the perfect nostalgia trip. Watching young women doing shots in bikinis will seriously take you back.

It’s The Ultimate Escapism

Forget Corbyn, Brexit, Trump et al by investing an hour every evening in some mindless viewing. The best bit? Watching contestants frolic around a Mediterranean villa all day pretty much makes you feel like you’re there too…

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