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If you’ve always been hesitant to buy pre-used pieces online then you’re not alone. However, with more and more reputable sites selling everything from vintage Chanel to new-season Gucci, it’s never been easier to bag a designer must-have for less. But there is a bit of an art to shopping pre-owned, so we sat down with vintage expert Virginia Feacey​ from REBELLE, the trusted online resale destination, to get her tips and tricks…

Always check for…

Deodorant marks, damaged seams and buttons, and bad smells from shoes! Plus, ensure you check the soles and heels and identify a decent cobbler or tailor before taking the plunge on something a little worn.

Walk away when…

Something seems overpriced for the quality you are getting. Always consider the tailoring cost – if it’s going to cost more than 20% of the purchase price for alterations, don’t bother.

Plus, if it's a common piece and you know it'll come back on the second-hand market again soon, it’s sometimes worth hanging on for a better price.

Only buy from…

Online stores that authenticate every piece by physically looking at the product. There are some out there who only authenticate from pictures, which isn’t sufficient as a seller might upload a picture of an original item, but then send a fake one to the buyer.

The best time to find a bargain is…

After Christmas and in the New Year. People get gifted a lot of items they then discreetly try to sell, or often sellers have had a thorough wardrobe detox to start off the New Year.  

Save money by…

Implementing a one-in-three-out policy, where for every three items you sell, you're allowed to purchase one special new piece. This way, you actually make money through your wardrobe.

Make sure you keep…

All original boxes, dust bags, cards, receipts. Never cut out any brand or quality care labels. Even if you know the piece is the real thing, you'll have trouble reselling it.

Don’t always expect good discounts…

The quality of brands like Chanel, Hermès and Céline means they retain their value very well. Also, expect to pay nearly full price for on-trend items like the Gucci fur loafers or Dior slingbacks.

Identify the real thing by checking…

  • Weight: Real designer handbags use high-quality leather and tend to be quite heavy and sturdy. Fake designer bags are often made of poorer quality leather or even “pleather” and you can often tell the difference simply by lifting the bag.
  • Hardware: Watch out for the bag’s metal hardware. Make sure it's the right colour and is embossed properly using the correct logo.
  • Logo & Typography: Take a closer look at the logo and the typography used. Is any embossing inconsistent and are there gaps between letters?
  • Lining: Watch out for a bad quality lining – be that the fabric, finish or colour. Many fakes are copied from photos, so the shade of the lining may differ from the actual bag.
  • Stitching: Look out for irregular stitching (especially in logos) or seams coming undone.
  • Accessories: Check the dust bags, chains, keys, authenticity and care cards. You can have an extremely well-copied bag, but the dust bag might be of lesser quality, wrong colour or wrong typography, alerting you to the fact it’s a fake. Also, the details on the bag itself may be correct, but the typography on any small metal bits may be wrong.
  • Smell: This may seem strange, but smell the bag! Does it have a leather smell or is it more chemically/’pleather’?
  • Details: Look out for serial numbers – are they in the right place and the right sequence? Also, check the zips: are they firm, properly embossed and is the stitching well done?

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