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7 Small Ways To Feel Happy Now

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Most of us are guilty of thinking we’ll be happier when we’ve achieved a certain goal, but inevitably, that goal keeps changing, meaning we often fail to appreciate what we do have. Also known as ‘destination addiction’, pinning our happiness on the future can leave us frantic and stressed. So, in order to help us feel content with our present – rather than pining after our future – hypnotherapist and Founder of Relax Me Happy Zofie Lloyd-Kucia has shared her top tips for feeling happy, now…

Appreciate What You Have

You’ve probably heard it over and over again, but appreciating what you have is one of the easiest ways to manifest happiness. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with wanting – your dreams and aspirations are what help get you out of bed in the morning – but when you don’t balance your desires for the future with an appreciation of the present, you’ll fall out of sync. Try and aim for the optimum balance: ‘happy with what is and eager for more.’

Swap Impatience For Eagerness

Impatience is commonplace in today’s busy world. Anytime you feel impatient, talk yourself into feeling a greater sense of belief in what you want – understand that it will come to you in time. You might be looking for love and feeling impatient because you think ‘all the good ones are taken’ or ‘you’re getting too old’. Instead, believe that there are people who’ve found love at all stages in life and everything happens when it needs to can help move you away from frustration to eagerness. If you’re struggling, just think about what you might say to a friend in your situation.

Do Something Creative 

When you’re always going you lose sight of what’s reasonable and begin to believe that you can’t stop, because if you do everything will fall apart. Of course, for the majority, this isn’t really true. Taking time out helps the logical, solution-oriented part of your brain get back in the driving seat. So, having your nose to the grindstone 24/7 isn’t an effective way to work; try taking a long walk, having a nap, meditating or painting, to allow your mind to reset.

On a Similar Note

Help Others 

Helping someone else will also help you. It can take your mind off whatever it is that’s making you feel frantic and offer some much-needed perspective. Don’t do this if you feel overwhelmed already, but if you can, and want to, helping someone else is great therapy.

Be Kind To Yourself 

This will never steer you wrong. Being kind to yourself usually involves slowing down, taking more care of yourself and nurturing your needs. This can centre you and shift your focus away from wanting more, increasing your appreciation of the present.

Remember The Little Things

You don’t need to overhaul your life to reap the benefits of mindful happiness, small, everyday steps can make all the difference. For example, on your commute, listen to a guided meditation or mindfulness app. Download Zofie’s ‘Appreciation’ track, which redresses the balance between desire for the future and appreciation of the present in just 12 minutes – use the code LUXE to get it FREE

Make The Best Of Things

Look at what you’ve got right now, whether your home, your job, your partner, what’s in your wardrobe or bank account, and make the best of it. This fosters positivity, creativity and stops you endlessly chasing some future dream.

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