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How To Get A Job In Fashion

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Fashion jobs may be up there when it comes to dream careers, but what does it actually take to get a job in the industry? From journalism to marketing, we sat down with those who’ve done it themselves to get their advice on getting your foot in the door…


In most industries, you start at the bottom, and with so many internships available at fashion houses and publications, there’s no excuse not to start building that CV. Stylist Gemma Rose Breger says, “You don't necessarily need to stay in each work experience role for a long period of time but the more experience you can get in a variety of places the better.” Apply everywhere you can think of and don’t be afraid to send cold emails either – take the advice of Harvey Nichols’ Buying Director Anita Barr, “I started my career on the shop floor and through a lot of hard work, persistence and drive, have built a career in fashion buying."

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Everything

You may have your sights set on a certain role, but once you dip your toe in the water, a different part of the industry may appeal more. Emily Wright, Marketing Manager at French Connection tells us, “I thought I wanted to be a buyer so did three months experience then moved onto Marketing / PR and realised this was my actual passion. From design to buying, merchandising to marketing, an understanding of what each role requires and how these all work together will help you secure your dream job.’

Stay Positive

Junior fashion roles can involve everything from processing samples to taking press clippings, and you’ll stand out if you approach these menial tasks in a positive way. Take heed from Clementine Brown, Senior Fashion Assistant at The Sunday Times Style – “Always have a good attitude, never say no, never moan about a job you've been given, make sure to leave a good lasting impression and go the extra mile, people always notice things like that.”

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As Clementine also advises, “Meet as many people as you can and make sure you’re memorable, as they will have friends in the industry who may then be able to help you out. After I’d done one internship well, all the others came from being referred.” Use whatever contacts you have to move forward.

Start Small

Charlotte Simone, Founder of the eponymous brand, is keen to never underestimate the power of a smaller company: “Be sure to interview somewhere you feel you can make a difference or add value.” It’s great to set your sights on the big leagues long-term, but when you’re starting out, you’re likely to make a much bigger impact at a smaller business and you often learn more, too.

Know Your Subject

Finally, there’s no point applying for a job at Dior with no understanding of the brand and their values. Make sure you know where you’re interviewing inside and out, and load your application or interview with sensible content and partnership suggestions. Jennifer Bishop, Womenswear Buyer at points out that, "Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to gather intel! Read up on the company and be clear on the role you wish to apply for. Showing an understanding of what tasks you will be expected to perform shows dedication."


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