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How To Be Successful In Business

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As Founder and CEO of Rodial, one of the world’s bestselling beauty brands, Maria Hatzistefanis has plenty of first-hand advice when it comes to business and success. Despite initially failing to secure funding for the brand, proving things haven’t always been plain sailing for the business mogul, Rodial is now stocked in over 20,000 stores across 35 countries. Following the launch of her new book, How To Be An Overnight Success, we sat down with Maria to find out her seven rules for succeeding in business… 

Find Your Motivation

Daily motivation takes work – identify the people you admire, find out how they’ve succeeded and follow them on social media. Reading books is also a great way to stay motivated – some of my favourites include #GirlBossby Sophia Amoruso and Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht. I love reading about people who started from nothing and have grown to be the most amazing businesswomen and public figures.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Advice

Asking for other people’s opinions is a positive thing – it is not a weakness and doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. Whether it’s having a chat with your girlfriends or industry experts, people on the outside will often highlight things you hadn’t noticed yourself. You need to build up your knowledge and look to others as you can’t be an expert on absolutely everything.

Believe In Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, no-one else will. Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses to boost your confidence and try not to compare yourself to others. Remember that no matter how successful or smart people may seem, everyone has insecurities.

Look Your Best

When I look and feel my best I’m more productive and come up with better ideas, so identify the clothes that make you feel confident. Always present the best version of yourself in order to make a strong impression.

On a Similar Note

Keep Learning

Challenge yourself and learn new skills; keep a close eye on new developments in every industry and stay ahead of the game at all times. You will find the most successful people in the world never say, “Oh, I’m successful, and this is it.” They constantly push forward and reinvent themselves.

Take Risks

Those who succeed always take the extra step. You’ll never know the outcome of anything unless you take a risk, just try to calculate the worst thing that can happen and if you can live with the consequences of that worst-case scenario, go for it. Equally, however, if you need to re-mortgage your house to start a business, don’t take this lightly. Accept things will go wrong at the beginning – don’t be afraid of this and focus on the fact there’ll be victories in the future. Then, once you’re in your dream job, keep taking risks – create something that stands out against the competition and creates buzz.

Push Your Creative Limits

You need to keep pushing the limits to keep your business fresh, current and relevant. In order to be forward thinking, you need a clear and positive mindset – cut pages from magazines of inspirational interviews and read them when you’re feeling down; keep emails thanking or praising you on hand to boost motivation; take time to spring clean your wardrobe or office; or go for a run or walk in the park – clear your head and new ideas will come flowing.

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