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How To Always Look Good In Photos

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If you’ve never considered yourself particularly photogenic, it might just be that you’ve never mastered the art of posing. So we spoke with Lorna Luxe (one look at her Instagram and you’ll agree she knows what she’s talking about) to find out the nine things to do to ensure you always look great in pictures...

Find Natural Daylight

Shadows are only going to highlight features you don’t like, from wrinkles to imperfections. Lorna says natural daylight “is most flattering for skin and complexion” – facing a window or open door is your best bet.

Elongate Your Body

Want to look taller and slimmer? Lorna suggests tilting the camera upwards to elongate your shape. “I often ask people who take my pic to crouch down a little when they point and shoot.” Just ensure they’re standing a safe distance from you to avoid the double chin.

Twist Your Body

Front-on shots can sometimes look boxy, whereas a distorted angle will give the illusion of a tiny waist. Angle one of your hips towards the camera, and put your hand on your hip nearest the photographer to emphasise your curves.

Cross Your Ankles

If you are forced into a front-on shot, crossing your ankles will automatically make your legs look longer.

On a Similar Note

Get To Grips With Proportions

Whatever is closest to the camera is, of course, going to look bigger, so practice posing with your least favourite body parts set back. Hate your legs? Lean forward a bit.

Use Your Tongue

If you often fall foul of a double chin, learning to push your tongue against the roof of your mouth could be the answer. By forcing everything upwards, your neck and jawline will look slimmer. 

Stand Up Straight

Everyone knows good posture looks best, so make a concerted effort when posing for pics to unroll those shoulders and lift your head high.

Nail The Selfie

If all else fails? Learn to take flattering selfies so you at least have a few photos you like. Lorna’s advice is to “stretch the arm as far out as possible and shoot from the centre point of the torso – slightly tilted upwards, to create the illusion of a smaller waist.”

Adjust With Technology

Still not happy? Take Lorna’s advice and use apps like Facetune and VSCO to slightly alter the light and tone of your picture. She “swear(s) by filters A5 and HB1”.


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