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One-Day Reset After Drinking

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If you’ve had one too many G&Ts the night before, but can’t indulge a day spent in bed feeling fragile, there are a few simple tricks to get you back to feeling your best. From waking up to winding down, here’s a step-by-step guide to what to do and how to reset your body the day after a particularly heavy night… 

Drink Plenty Of Water

An obvious tip for good reason – it works. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it depletes your body of water and dehydrates you. If your stomach is a little weak and you can’t face downing a litre of water, take small but regular sips or add two teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm water to drink. Lemon helps to rebalance the body, altering the pH level and aiding queasiness and muscle pain, whilst the fructose in honey will help you metabolise alcohol more quickly. Electrolyte-replenishing drinks, such as coconut water or sports drinks, will also help your body recover. Whilst some swear by hair of the dog, more alcohol will only delay the after effects, so try to steer clear. 

Super-Charge Your Shower

A refreshing shower is the quick way to wash off a heavy weekend – freshening up can do wonders for mind and body. Keep things cool as a hot shower can emphasise feelings of nausea or tiredness. Use Epsom salt shower gel or add Epsom salts to a bath to soothe aching muscles, whilst dry body brushing will help with circulation, and some claim it can even aid in the removal of toxins – something you’ll be sorely in need of.

Stock Up On Supplements

If you’re suffering from a headache you’ll probably want to reach for the aspirin, but rather than opting for pills stock up on supplements instead. Willow bark is a natural supplement that’s similar to aspirin, and a vitamin B complex – one that contains B1, B2, folic acid, B6 and B12 – will help speed recovery. Another tip? Taking Milk Thistle either before you go out or the morning after will support your liver, as it contains choline, which contributes to liver function. If you're unsure about supplements, speak to a professional.

Skip The Fry Up

Greasy foods might be what you’re craving, but they won’t do you any favours. If you really want to knock a hangover on its head, there are plenty of foods that will ease symptoms whereas heavy food will force your body to focus on both detoxifying and digesting foods that might be irritating the stomach more than soothing it.
What You Should Eat:

  • Bananas and honey are a great combination. Honey is high-fructose and so helps your body remove alcohol whilst bananas ease nausea and give a much-needed hit of potassium, an important electrolyte you’ll be lacking after a heavy night that will support your organs to process alcohol.

  • Broccoli, cauliflower and kale contain enzymes that support the liver.

  • Whole wheat toast will raise low blood sugar without spiking it, so you won’t experience a crash and the cravings that go with it, or upsetting your stomach.

  • Eggs, not in a fry up, but scrambled or in a hearty omelette – the amino acid cysteine helps break down acetaldehyde, the toxin partly responsible for how you're feeling.

On a Similar Note

Look After Your Skin

Chances are, your skin isn’t thanking you for that boozy-brunch-turned-lunch-turned-evening-cocktails session. Calm puffy or bloodshot eyes with cooling eye masks – we rate Elemis’ Pro-Collagen masks – or, if you don’t have any to hand, green tea bags soaked in cold water and applied to eyes for 15 minutes will also help, as caffeine decreases swelling by constricting the blood vessels under the skin. A hydrating face mask is a must, try the First Aid Anti-Hangover Mask. And if you’re going to wear make-up, make it work for you. If your skin is dehydrated or congested (likely, after a heavy night) steer clear of heavy foundations – create a glowing complexion with a tinted moisturiser, blush for a pop of colour and plenty of highlight softly blended across cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

Get Outside

Don’t lie in bed wishing you’d come home earlier and constantly refreshing your Instagram feed – fresh air will do you the world of good if you’re feeling less than your best. If you’re stuck in the office most of the day, make an effort to walk to work, sit outside to eat your meals or open a few windows.

Sweat It Out

Moving is a sure fire way to feel like you're back on the wellness wagon after a night (or two) of excess. You needn't do anything too strenuous, and make sure you're drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. We all know exercise releases endorphins and gives you a mental, a well as physical, boost so get your blood flowing but be kind on your body – yoga, pilates or a brisk walk will leave you energised rather than exhausted. 

Reset Your Sleep Schedule

One of the best ways to help your body detox is to make sure you have enough quality sleep. If you’ve been out until the early hours then it’s important to try and reset your sleep schedule to get yourself back on track. You might be tired, but try not to sleep during the day and instead, get an early night, waking up when you usually would so the rest of your week isn't out of whack. In order to wind down, put your phone away, perhaps do a few stretches, some meditation, or a gentle yoga sequence, or read a book. 

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