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11 Triathlon Training Tips For Beginners

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Those who really want to push themselves beyond tri-weekly gym visits take on triathlons. They’re usually the ones refusing a drink on a Friday night in order to be bright eyed for their Saturday morning run. Whilst triathlons are challenging – and if you’re not a fan of endurance sports, they may not be for you – if you’re tempted to jump on the bandwagon (or in the water, then on a bike), Elite TriSutto coach Perry Agass, who is coaching throughout the year at ETE TriCamps, has shared his top tips to keep in mind when training for your first triathlon…

When Training:

  • Make sure you get a bike fitting – it’s really important you’re set up on your bike correctly so you’re comfortable and can ride to the best of your ability.
  • Be realistic – set achievable goals and don’t expect a miraculous time. Depending on your fitness level and your goal, you’ll probably be looking at ten to 35 hours a week of training.
  • Train around your work hours as best you can, try biking or running to and from work so you’re making the most of your time. Aim to start your training schedule with two sessions of cycling, swimming and running per week to see how manageable it is, then try and increase this to three of each if you can.
  • Look at your race as an extended training day and don’t pin too many expectations on the outcome. Race with a smile; this sport is full of twists and turns, give yourself a chance to enjoy it and grow into it. Remember: progress takes time.
  • Try a triathlon training camp. They’re the ideal place to train alongside others whilst getting expert advice tailored to you, which is sure to give you a boost

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During Race Week:

  • Think positive. Remind yourself you’ve done what you can but you are where you are and that's that. If you start doing intense, last-minute training, your entire experience on the day could go wrong. At this stage – it’s all in the mind, not the body.
  • Don't panic. It's all going to be fine, it's just a big training day with an audience to celebrate your achievement.
  • In terms of diet, now’s not the time to switch things up. Stick to your normal patterns of eating and hydration.
  • If the night before the race you struggle to sleep, don't panic and get stressed, just lay there, shut your eyes and relax as best you can.
  • Check your gear – take your bike to a bike shop and make sure your tyres are in good condition.
  • Whilst the race week taper is somewhat necessary, backing off too much is the most common mistake beginners make. Your training may need adapting, but don’t neglect it totally. Three days before, start to wind down and focus more on the mental rather than physical aspect.

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