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How To Find The Perfect Hairbrush For Your Hair Type

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Think a hairbrush is one-size-fits-all? Well maybe it's time to reconsider because in the diverse world of beauty products, hair brushes come in countless varieties. Whether you have fine, delicate strands or thick, voluminous curls - or maybe you're just looking to detangle wet hair in a pain-free way - SheerLuxe contributor Nina Bertok has compiled a selection of brushes for all hair types, lengths and styling purposes. Read on to find out which will suit you...

Small Grooming Brush, £10.50 | Denman

Boar bristle brushes are considered by most stylists to be the gold standard for creating polished strands because they lift away dirt, dust and debris while stimulating your natural oils to condition your hair from root to tip. According to celebrity stylists such as Lona Vigil (who works with stars like Selena Gomez), the boar bristle brush is best for fine to normal hair as it "glides right through it, so it doesn't pull or snag," making this tool a favourite with the experts. Boar bristles create fabulous hair and, best of all, they get better with time and use, often lasting for years.

Narrow Flat Hairbrush, £33 | Kent Brushes

If your hair is more on the delicate side, it's best to look for extra soft, natural bristles with ball-tipped pins set in a rubber cushion. This makes the brush more flexible and better for brushing through finer strands, while it also stimulates the scalp and increases circulation to the hair follicle which is much-needed for damaged hair. If you are experiencing excessive malting or hair loss, try using a super gentle brush with natural bristles as it will help promote hair growth, too.

Large Paddle Brush, £10 | Denman

For thicker, more coarse manes, flexible boar bristle brushes aren't much good. Hair that is a little bit trickier to work with requires the strength of nylon brushes which function similarly to their all-natural counterpart but are much stiffer and give more control while brushing. The stylist's go-to brush is the paddle brush which has wide-spaced bristles to help penetrate denser strands and remove tangles, too. A good tip is to use this kind of brush on wet hair or while it's still damp because nylon brushes are brilliant at distributing product evenly before attempting to blow-dry.

Bristle/Nylon Brush, £46 | Mason Pearson Brushes

Normal to thick hair benefits from a combination of both nylon and boar bristles. The nylon bristles help to detangle tresses while the boar bristles distribute the hair’s natural oils and smooth out the cuticle, making this type of brush the ideal standard for creating healthy hair and maintaining its vibrancy over time. This brush is fantastic for everyday styling and it helps keep normal to thick hair strong and supple.

Cushion Hair Brush 174, £8.76 | Spornette

Whoever said curly hair was super hard to brush was also super wrong! Although curls can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge, it really comes down to applying the right tools to tackle them effectively. If you have curly hair, it's important you use brushes that don't separate your curls and don't generate static, which will definitely ruin your look. Once again, mixed bristles are especially beneficial for curly hair and are brilliant for both detangling when damp or wet, and for blow-drying for volume and style. A widely-spaced brush that contains ionic nylon bristles is a particularly great option as these glide through coarser hair to make it smoother and more manageable.

Vented Radial Brush, £17.50 | ghd

If you want to smooth out your short hair, or tame unruly bangs, choose a small round brush with boar bristles which are great for creating tension and catching pretty much every hair on your head. This brush can create a smooth and sleek look, as well as a more textured, voluminous style when working with hair no longer than a bob, including a fringe. Stylists call this is the ‘wonder brush’ for very short hair and bangs.

Small Round Brush, £20 | Shu Uemura

The round boar bristle brush is perfect for blow-drying because it enables you to wrap the hair around the barrel and brush it through for smooth curls and bouncy waves. If you're hoping to maintain the blow-out for longer than one day, you can try smoothing and brushing in the direction of the hairstyle – just don't wrap your hair too much around it as it could ruin the shape. While these brushes come in various sizes, the general rule is that the bigger the barrel the straighter your blow-out will be, while the smaller the barrel, the better you can wrap a section of hair around a couple of times for perfect curls. You can also try flipped-out or curved-under ends for a ‘60s look with these brushes.

Thick & Curly Brush, £11 | Tangle Teezer

This is the hairdresser's dream for detangling hair. Not only is this kind of brush gentle enough to use on wet hair, the cushioned base and flexible bristles also make detangling pretty much a pain-free experience all-round. The key to a great detangling brush is having the soft flexible bristles that won't snag or pull hair, while many also have a unique bristle construction designed to glide through hair to easily remove knots. Make sure you massage your scalp with the very top of the bristles to stimulate circulation at the follicle. No matter what force you use, the bristles should bounce back to their original form after each stroke, eliminating breakage and pain you'd normally get with brushing wet hair.

Bristle Teasing Brush, £19.85 | Moroccanoil

Ditch the plastic teasing comb now. When it comes to teasing and back-combing, your best friend should be a teasing brush which has gentler, serrated boar bristles that vary in lengths to give you friction without breakage as you tease the hair. Teasing builds foundation, builds up volume where you need it, and gives shape to your look, so it's important to really get it right with different levels of staggered boar bristles. Once you've teased to create volume, brush over the hair for a smooth finish.

Premium Finishing Brush, £6.36 | Cricket

For a brush that can literally do it all – and we mean removing tangles, creating smoothness, adding shine, and blow-drying – a classic boar bristle finishing brush should be the backbone of your daily routine. A boar bristle brush is the perfect staple for almost any type of hair, and these brushes are also ideal for styling up a smooth, frizz-free 'do. Just think of these brushes as the ultimate tool for all things good hair-day-related.


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