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10 Easy Tricks To Hide Your Roots

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While overgrown roots might actually be something you ask for now, it’s all too easy for the regrowth-to-hair ratio to leave us looking more neglected than cool. So, whether you currently don't have the time and budget for a touch-up appointment, or perhaps you're over the look as a whole, SL contributor Nina Bertok shares her quick and clever tips to hide your roots right now:

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo absorbs excess scalp grease and gives your hair something akin to a camouflaging texture. While this product doesn't make your roots disappear entirely, it does help blur the edges and goes a long way in lightening up the darkness growing out. Dry shampooing your roots is a very easy and fast way of making them less noticeable, and the great news is that lighter shades of hair can even use household products already in the home. If you happen to be blonde, try gently rubbing in a bit of baby powder, or if you're a brunette, even brown eyeshadow does the trick well.

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Change Your Parting

The habit of parting your hair in the same place leads to that area getting naturally flattened over time and becoming more prominent. Try changing things up a bit by flipping your part to the opposite side of your head because the added bonus of instant volume created this way will make your roots less visible. Make sure you ruffle your fingers over the new part from time to time to stop it from settling and looking flat.

Add Volume

Nothing creates amazing volume like a salon blow-dry that adds body and volume at the roots and helps to cover up unwanted regrowth, but there's no reason why you can't recreate this look at home. To create volume yourself, just take a small section of hair from the crown of your head, hold it up straight, and comb the roots up and down for texture. If you don't want to use a spray, you can get a volumising foam, which is lighter and distributes to the hair more evenly in some cases. Creating waves or soft curls is a great way of hiding roots - in fact, textured hair actually suits and looks better with roots which give it a beachy, bedhead look.

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Use A Touch-Up Wand

The old days of combing mascara onto our temples to hide stray greys or dark roots should be long gone! There are countless touch-up wands out there, designed specifically for the purpose of giving a more professional, salon look. Products such as touch-up wands dry quickly and blend seamlessly into the hair, and although they may be temporary, they are a good fix that does the trick well until you decide to finally head for the salon. Just make sure you pick a colour that's closest to your own shade before running the wand through your hair.

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Spray On

Spray-on products allow you to simply spray the colour in and wash it out with warm water as you please. It’s important to be gentle when using spray and to apply it to dry hair while keeping the can upright, approximately 20 centimetres away from the roots. As the spray can literally spray everywhere, make sure you cover your shoulders and clothing to prevent getting colour on them, but this product is generally user-friendly and certainly won’t damage your existing colour. The overall time it takes to spray is about five seconds as the pinpoint micro-diffusers are pretty good at targeting the desired area.

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DIY Dye Job

A home job is the next best thing to actually visiting the salon. Root-colouring kits are very good at masking regrowth and contain permanent dyes designed to target roots only rather than the entire head. As a rule of thumb, go for a shade lighter than the overall colour you are trying to achieve, as this tends to have a more natural effect. Dying your roots at home usually only takes about 10 minutes and given how effectively it covers your roots, it can buy you at least a couple of weeks before a professional touch-up.

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Get Highlights 

While it usually does require a trip to your hair stylist, getting highlights is one of the most effective ways to minimise regrowth. Highlights are brilliant at distraction because they blend in with the roots and put the focus on the lighter shade coming through. What’s more, you can have fun with highlights – while traditional stylist advice is to get lighter highlights and to stick to your overall existing colour, you can always flip things on their head by opting for lowlights or a darker tone that’s perhaps closer to your natural colour.

Braid Your Hair

Why not get playful with the pesky roots by wearing your hair in different styles? Pretty braids are always a great idea – Dutch braids, French braids or a braid crown are always gorgeous – but anything that twists the hair is going to blend together your natural colour with the rest of your hair. Another way to camouflage your regrowth is by putting your hair up in a high bun and making the topknot the feature of the hair style, thereby taking the attention off whatever might be happening underneath. Ponytails can sometimes work too, though it depends on the degree of your roots as pulling hair back flattens it and makes the regrowth more visible.

Wear A Hat

There are so many cool ones to choose from and, considering it’s summer time and the sun is out, you won’t feel at all out of place in a pretty hat. It’s the simplest and fastest way to keep your roots under wraps and considering that the big, floppy brim hats are still very much a trend this year, you can easily pull off a super chic look. There are loads of styles which can be worn indoors and out, like straw hats, fedoras or even simple baseball caps, so make sure you choose one that suits your face shape and your overall look for the day.

Try A Headband

Just like hats, different hair accessories are a great way to hide your roots, so why not try a vintage look to mix things up? A thick headband will definitely hide regrowth, though a thin one works just as well – either way, both will act as a distraction by drawing attention to the accessory and away from the roots. You can also tie your head up in a scarf for a more feminine look by wrapping it around the head and finishing with a soft bow at the neck, or you can try the cool rockabilly look by opting for a red polka-dot headband that finishes with a cute bow on the top of your head.

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