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How To Cleanse Like A Pro

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Having impressed the beauty world since the launch of their first cleansing device back in 2013, Foreo is continuing to change the skincare game. Able to remove a huge 99% of dirt and oil, if you’re not already a fan, here’s why these cleansing tools are a cult beauty buy…

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Compact and portable, Foreo’s deep-cleansing devices are beauty bestsellers for good reason. Take, for example, the LUNA 2, Foreo’s latest addition, which gently removes all traces of oil and make-up. The soft silicone device will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking and feeling firmer and more elastic. It even enhances the absorption of your skincare to deliver visibly brighter and clearer skin. Always jetting off? The smaller, travel-sized LUNA Mini 2, is a lighter, more compact tool that delivers 8000 T-Sonic pulsations a minute – which means it works deep into the layers of the skin for a thorough cleanse.

Who’s it for?

If skincare’s your thing, we highly recommend you invest in a Foreo if you haven’t already – they accelerate the skin cells’ metabolism to help eliminate toxins and leave skin luminous and firm. The larger LUNA 2 is ideal for those concerned with anti-ageing, while the Mini 2 is best for jetsetters and teenagers looking to tackle blemishes.

How’s best to use it?

Simply apply your favourite cleanser (avoid clay-based cleansers or those with exfoliating particles) and gently move the device in circular motions over your face for 60 seconds. Rinse and dry your face as normal and you’re good to go. Our top tip? Flip the LUNA 2 onto its other side post-cleansing to lower the frequency and ‘relax’ your facial muscles; simply press onto the brow, around the mouth and eye contour to lessen the visibility of fine lines and help prevent deep furrows.

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Yes – the larger LUNA 2 is available in four versions, each offering a slightly different brush head, so whether you’ve got oily, normal, combination or sensitive skin, there’s something for everyone. While the smaller LUNA Mini 2 has a one-size-fits-all head, the speed can be adjusted (there are 12 different settings), so keep it low if you’re prone to redness or turn it up if you’re on a clearer-skin mission. As if that wasn’t enough, every device is 100% waterproof and completely hygienic, so there’s no need for expensive replacement heads.  

What are people saying?

Career Girl Daily say Foreo’s tools will “give you flawless skin in under a week”, while Women’s Health say Clarisonic should “step aside... this is one of the most high-tech deep cleansing tools on the market".

What’s the damage?

The larger LUNA 2 is priced at £169 and the LUNA Mini 2 is £119. While these aren’t the most affordable beauty devices around, they have a ten-year guarantee and help get the most out of your skincare routine. We defy you not to fall under the Foreo spell.


Luna 2, £169

Luna Mini 2, £119
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