The TV Show That Is Dividing The Nation |

The TV Show That Is Dividing The Nation

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Liar, ITV’s new six-part psychosexual thriller, aired on Monday 11th September, and viewers can’t stop talking about it. In fact, it’s caused some quite serious debate.

The first episode follows dedicated teacher Laura (played by Joanne Froggatt) and renowned surgeon Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd), whose son is a student at Laura’s school. Their initial attraction leads to an ill-fated date – they enjoy dinner at a restaurant and a glass of wine at Laura’s house afterwards – but both wake the next morning with very different stories of what happened next.

Laura is deeply distressed; her memory is fuzzy but she remembers being raped and reports Andrew to the police. Andrew, meanwhile, insists the sex was consentual and says he had hoped to see Laura again. It’s clear one of them is lying, but who?

The suspense already has viewers playing detective on social media. While some were completely baffled, tweeted that it’s “messing” with their heads, others shared a whole range of conspiracy theories about what really happened.

As the show’s creators most probably planned, the online debate is raising important questions about how society treats those who’ve reported a rape. Disturbingly, the vast majority of the public has accused character Laura of lying, with some Twitter users saying she had “too much to drink”. One user claimed that “women can make up rape allegations and get away with it”.

In reality, false allegations are no more common for rape than they are for other crimes, and rape crisis charities say this misconception is harming rape survivors. With roughly 11 rapes (of both men and women) being committed every single hour in the UK, we can only hope the unfolding plot of Liar will end up educating people, as well as providing some gripping TV viewing.
Episode one of Liar is available to watch now on ITV Player. Catch the next episode on ITV on Monday 18th September at 9pm

If you've been affected by the issues in Liar, these organisations are available to offer support:

Rape Crisis

The Survivors Trust
0808 801 0818

116 123