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The Worry-Free Way To Hire A Great Nanny

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Considering a nanny for your kids? This London agency are making childcare as seamless as we’ve ever seen it. A small business with 15 years of experience, KiwiOZ specialises in providing live-in and daily nannies specifically from New Zealand and Australia. Promising a prompt, personalised service, they do all the hard work for you – matching fantastic, fully-vetted candidates with your family’s requirements.
An SL-approved service, KiwiOZ are currently offering readers 10% OFF (simply quote this article to get your discount). We sat down with their nanny matching team to give you the need-to-know…

Why do Kiwis and Aussies make good nannies?

Their childcare experience (many are qualified), attitude, enthusiasm, flexibility and passion for working with children. The typical Kiwi/Oz candidate is outdoorsy, hard-working and willing to ‘muck in’, but with a relaxed, laid-back attitude that make them easy to live with. They really support the family dynamic.

What’s the difference between a nanny and an au pair?

Typically, au pairs come to countries on a cultural exchange gap year to help them learn the language before they start university. They typically have no childcare experience – so can’t care for under twos – and do minimal hours and duties.

Why a nanny versus a day care nursery?

Nannies provide one-on-one attention and care. They’re often qualified teachers and early childhood educators so they have all the knowledge of development and milestones like a nursery, but allow children to be in their own home and on their own schedule.

How many hours do they work, and how long do they stay?

It all depends on your needs. Most nannies are very flexible and can work up to 60 hours per week. The usual minimum commitment is 12 months, but many will stay longer if they’re happy in the role. We offer both live-in and daily nannies, along with temporary nannies for shorter contracts.

What are the benefits of a live-in nanny?

The flexibility, the cost, and the freedom of always having someone there if you are running late. Live-in nannies also really understand the weekly routine and how you like to run the household

Will they do jobs around the house?

Nannies will do all nursery duties including housekeeping for the children, laundry and meals. This includes light house work like emptying the dishwasher and general clean-up of toys and mess, but no hard cleaning. 

How do you get the most out of a nanny?

Communicating and having a clear understanding with your nanny about what role you want them to play is key. Having regular check ins and including them in planning for the children will also help, as will respecting their hours of work.

What do you pay them?

Live-in nannies cost between £300 to £600 per week, while daily nannies are paid between £13 to £17 per hour, depending on their experience and qualification level.

Why use an agency?

We offer support both during and after recruiting a nanny, including screening (three years of references, CRB, paediatric first aid) and matching your requirements with suitable candidates.

What happens if it doesn’t work out?

If, for whatever reason, the placement doesn’t work out within the first two months, we will replace the nanny free of charge. We also support both the nanny and the family to help with conflict resolution if need be.
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