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Why Being Vegan Has Never Been Easier

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The Internet has given us many things: cat memes, views into just about everyone’s private lives, and the ability to obliterate entire monthly earnings on NET-A-PORTER in just a few clicks. It’s also changing the way we eat – over the past decade, the number of vegans in Britain has risen by 360%, thanks to accessible information, innumerable recipes and the rise of vegan influencers.

With a growing demand for meat and dairy alternatives, the food industry is finally listening. In 2017 alone we’ve seen megabrands Pizza Hut, Ben & Jerry’s and Baileys launch vegan options in the UK, alongside an abundance of hugely successful vegan cafés and restaurants (plant-based fried chicken shop Temple of Hackney has Londoners queuing en masse in the rain).

There’s been an undeniable shift in consumerism, so expect more of your favourite food brands to sell vegan options soon too. “Once one has been bold enough to make the initial move, the others have no choice but to follow,” Felix Dickinson tells us. Felix is the Founder of MEANWHILE, a company specialising in consultation and menu development for non-vegan companies wanting to enter the vegan marketplace. Most notably he’s worked with independent London bakery chain Crosstown Doughnuts – whose sourdough treats have won over the capital – to create their vegan range.

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A vegan for 15 years, Felix recalls it was considerably harder for people to educate themselves back in the early 2000s. “You had to rely on variable bits of tatty literature that were long in the tooth and grey in overall aesthetic, it couldn't have been further from inspiring,” he said. “Now, there’s a plethora of information thanks entirely to the beauty of the internet and its ever-growing network of contributors.”

If you’re a budding vegan and looking for more information and recipe inspo online, read on for Felix’s top five suggestions:

1. Double Tap This: Instagram continues to be the titan for vegan inspiration. Being able to visualise your reality and future makes the digestion of the leap far easier to manage.

2. Join This Community: YouTube has a huge vegan community; from body builders and athletes to junk food advocates and incredible chefs.

3. Watch This: Netflix has countless documentaries, including Cowspiracy and What The Health, which have had resounding effects on Western society. For those who can handle something with a little more intensity, Joaquin Phoenix's Earthlings is the true horror story of our current world's relentless ignorance towards animal enslavement.

4. Research This: It needn't be all doom and gloom: there are incredibly positive things happening in the vegan world too – like the development of groundbreaking meat alternatives from Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, as well as a number of labs working on domesticating lab meat (which I personally believe will become the primary future of meat consumption in the not too distant future).

5. Cook This: For food and recipe inspiration, Pinterest is one of the best platforms. Simply search for 'vegan' followed by your favourite food and you’ll be inundated with ideas for recreating the meals you love. It couldn't be easier to make the transition, so try it for a couple of weeks and see how you get on.

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