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You Need These 3 Things To Be Happy In London

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If you thought the only way to live well in London was by earning big bucks, it might be time to reconsider. The newly-released Living Well Index’ has revealed three things far more important to our quality of life. Conducted by Sainsbury's, the National Centre for Social Research and Oxford Economics, the landmark survey quizzed Brits from all over the country – and although Londoners were found to be the most anxious group in the UK, what makes us happiest is surprisingly simple…

A Good Night’s Sleep

According to the study, sleep quality is the most important factor in how good feel. The majority of those with the highest Living Well scores reported feeling well rested most of the time (60%), whilst over half of those in the bottom (20%) said they rarely, or never, felt well rested. For the typical person, this means improving their sleep to the level of someone at the top of the Index would be the happiness equivalent to them having over four times as much disposable income.

To improve your sleep, here are six genuine things you can try tonight. We’ve also found the foods that could help you drift off and the most relaxing eye mask on the beauty shelves.

Sex Life Satisfaction

People who are fairly or very satisfied with their sex lives are happier (no surprise there). Individuals who rated their sex life highly were disproportionately more likely to be found at the top of the Living Well Index – with almost two thirds (63%) of those at the top saying they were satisfied with their sex life (twice the national average).

If you’re looking for a boost in the bedroom, here’s how to super-start your sex drive. Our guide to introducing sex toys could help spice things up, or if mismatched libidos are an issue – we’ve got it covered.

On a Similar Note

Job Security

Having peace of mind about job security contributes significantly to our wellbeing. Among working people, 43% of those with the highest Index scores also experience a very high degree of job security. Overall, job security explained a 1.8 point gap between the typical working Brit and those living best.

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