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Quick, Easy & Healthy Lunch-Time Hacks

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Whether it’s for your wallet or your wellness, there’s no denying homemade lunches are better than shop-bought. But with busier schedules and more high street lunch options than ever before, it’s often easy to forget about preparing the Tupperware the night before. Here, Author of book Jar Food Dominique Eloise talks us through her top tips for making lunch at your desk quicker, easier and healthier.

Speed up your mornings with the right lunch-kit

Always have a couple of lunch-size jars handy, plus a few small ones for dressings and snacks. This speeds up your mornings when making lunch – no faffing for plastic bags or loose ingredients in your handbag. Whack your ingredients in an easy-to-carry, sealed jar and off you trot! I also love my salad spinner – it simplifies salad-making. Wash a big batch of leaves, dry spin them and keep them in the fridge covered with a damp paper towel until you’re ready to use. They’ll keep fresh for longer this way too.

Make a weekly meal planner

‘A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content’ – set aside time to work out a weekly meal schedule. A clear meal plan prevents you from wandering into the food-abyss mid-week and gorging on a million snacks throughout the day. I’ve created a meal planner chart in Jar Food – as well as top tips for shopping smarter, keeping your shopping list short and simple whilst ensuring a variety of weekly recipes.

Use one ingredient for multiple recipes

One of my all-time favourites is my Sticky Chicken and Bulgar Wheat recipe because the chicken can be used for a host of different recipes. Not only is the chicken delicious and tender from the marinade of soy sauce, honey, chilli and garlic, it can be used in different dishes from stir-fries and soups to salads – so make a batch, mix-it-up and re-invent with a different recipe the next day!

Keep a few staple ingredients in jars

Keeping a few staple ingredients in jars like nuts, seeds and dried fruit helps to jazz up any recipe. These come in super handy at the end of the week and you’re thinking of ways to combine fridge leftovers. Salad leaves, cucumber and a bit of cheese can be improved massively by an array of nuts and dried fruit – this is how I made my Pear, Stilton and Walnut Jar recipe. These store-cupboard essentials make the dish tastier, more satisfying and prevent you wasting leftovers.

Use leftover veggies to make a posh pot noodle

A great way to save those veggies looking a little worse for wear is to finely chop them, add to a jar with some noodles and a little flavour paste - try something as simple as Sriarcha or peanut butter which I use for my Asian Noodle Soup - and store for a couple of days. A quick boil of the kettle and you’ve got yourself a posh pot noodle – all made from veggies that probably would’ve gone to waste.

Use jars for easy portion control

Transparent jars enable you to visualise each layer and stack your carbs, proteins and veggies equally. The visual balance of ingredients not only looks appealing but helps to maintain a balanced, wholesome and healthy diet. If I want more of one ingredient, I pop in a thicker layer!

Keep your lunches colourful

Brightly coloured veggies have a whole host of different health benefits and add a visual vibrancy to your jars which goes hand-in-hand with flavour. This visual variation will also help you feel full and satisfied. Go as rainbow as you dare and your jars will taste as good as they look!

Add your dressing at the last minute!

Leaving your lunch undressed until the last minute avoids soggy salad leaves and keeps them crunchy and crisp. Keep small jars so you can make dressings easily – pop all the dressing ingredients in, whack on the lid and shake, shake, shake!

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