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Whether your social media posts are carefully curated or spontaneous and slapdash, what you share could be revealing far more than you think. Psychological studies have found links between personality types, mental states and the types of pictures people post; proving Instagram really is a window to the soul…

IF: You favour black and white, or moody blue tones

THEN: You could be depressed.

Researchers at Harvard University recently had a higher success rate than doctors at diagnosing depression. How? By looking at patients’ Instagrams. Depressed people in the study posted photos that were bluer, darker and greyer than their healthy peers. They were also less likely to use filters, but when they did, they went for Inkwell, which makes everything black and white.


IF: You’re always posting gym selfies and #cleaneating meals

THEN: You might be a narcissist.

Narcissists are significantly more likely to use social media to update friends about their achievements. This is especially true when it comes to fitness progress, as narcissists often place large personal importance on physical appearance and believe all their followers do too (hint: we don’t really care).


IF: You’re always posting pictures of your partner

THEN: You may be feeling insecure.

Relationship experts have suggested people who share gushing statuses about their other halves, along with photos of themselves in mundane situations, might be doing so to mask their relationship insecurities. Common captions for relationship photos like ‘my man’ or ‘my girl’ could also be signs of possessiveness.

On a Similar Note

IF: You’re a fan of the Valencia filter

THEN: You’re more likely to be popular.

Scientists have solved the ultimate Instagram dilemma... which filter is going to get your photo the most double taps. Turns out, photos edited with filters that increase the warmth, exposure and contrast are far better received. That means people who use the likes of Valencia and Mayfair are more likely to rack up extra likes, views and comments.


IF: All the photos of you are perfectly framed

THEN: You’re probably conscientious.

Those who enjoy orderliness, planned behaviour and self-discipline are far more likely to pose alone in photos, be smartly dressed in every snap, with not a hair out of place. They’re also more likely to appear older than they actually are in their photos, posting about more ‘mature’ activities or locations in favour of childish pursuits.


IF: You’re laughing and smiling in every shot

THEN: You’re more likely to be agreeable.

People who get along well with others are most likely to post colourful photos featuring them laughing, playing with others or smiling broadly. However the images themselves will probably be poor quality and badly framed – but that’s just because they’re having too much fun to care about the camera.


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