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3 New Ways To Drink Coffee

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There’s nothing quite like waking up to freshly ground coffee beans – that aromatic scent is enough to get anyone bounding out of a bed on a Monday. But if you’re looking for a new flavour hit, we have something to switch up your morning macchiato in a flash.

Introducing, Nespresso’s new limited edition coffee capsules: Chiaro, Scuro and Corto, designed to infuse your home with fresh coffee house aromas, at the click of a button. The new flavours will allow budding baristas to prepare everything from creamy cappuccinos to bold espressos: the full-bodied, smoothness of Chiaro and Scuro taste heavenly with a shot or frothy topping of milk, whilst the Corto is best served black, for those who like their coffee dark and intense.

BARISTA Chiaro: best for a cappuccino

Tasting notes: Specially crafted to prepare a sweet, indulgent cappuccino with a smooth creamy taste, roundness and exceptionally delicate biscuit notes.

Intensity: A medium-to-dark roasted blend of Intensity 5 when black, that becomes exceptionally smooth and round when combined with milk.

Best enjoyed: As a 25ml coffee topped with 60ml milk froth

BARISTA Scuro: best for an espresso macchiato

Tasting notes: Carefully created for an intense, flavourful and full-bodied coffee finished with a gentle touch of milk foam.

Intensity: A medium-to-dark roasted blend of Intensity 8 when black, that keeps its strong character when combined with milk.

Best enjoyed: As a 40ml Espresso with two spoons of milk foam to retain the strong coffee character.

BARISTA Corto: best for a black Ristretto

Tasting notes: Masterfully blended to give this coffee an extra intense taste with a thick syrupy texture and a dark marbled crema.

Intensity: A dark-roasted blend with intensity 11.

Best enjoyed: As a 25ml black Ristretto.

The BARISTA coffees, Chiaro, Scuro and Corto will be available for a limited period from Nespresso boutiques worldwide, as well as through orders from the Nespresso Customer Care Centres and online at Nespresso.com

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