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Porridge Has A Surprising New Health Benefit

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Whilst porridge is well-known for being filling, energy-boosting and low GI, the breakfast staple has a newly publicised health benefit – it’s better at reducing cholesterol than doctor-prescribed statins.

Chris Seal, Professor of Food and Human Nutrition at Newcastle University, said he believes that if “everyone started the day with porridge, it would have a significant impact on public health”. This is because oats contain soluble fibre in much higher quantities than other grains. Soluble fibre forms a thick gel in the gut, which – alongside keeping you full – helps reduce the absorption of cholesterol and increase the excretion of bile salts, which are made of cholesterol.

Studies have shown that a 70g bowl of oats is enough to reduce your levels of harmful cholesterol by around 7%, similar to the results you may get from taking a statin – but with none of the potential side effects (side effects of taking statins include nausea, nosebleeds, headaches and an increased risk of diabetes).

So whether you’re someone with high cholesterol, or simply want to look after your health, you could ward off heart disease symptoms more effectively by eating a bowl of porridge every day (you don’t have to tell us twice!). In the spirit of this health-boosting news, and the small fact that it’s National Porridge Day on Tuesday 10th October, we’ve rounded up our favourite pimped-up porridge recipes – from warming cinnamon and grated pear, to savoury porridge with sautéed kale…

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