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10 Fashion Lessons We Should All Have Learnt By Now

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From shrinking new knitwear, to buying fast fashion that doesn’t last, we all could do better when it comes to building and taking care of our wardrobes. Here are the ten rules to stick to…

Invest In Basics

The high street’s great for fast fashion, but for leather jackets, white shirts, camel peacoats and all those other capsule staples, it pays to invest. Quality designs will stand the test of time, so save and spend money on well-crafted basics that you can go back to year after year.


Nurture, Nurture, Nurture

It’s so easy to discard your outfit on the floor or pile it up on a chair at the end of a long day, but everything will last longer, retain its shape and damage less readily if it’s taken care of – that means folding, hanging, bagging and grooming.


Know Your Size

As tempting as it may be to go down a size, promising yourself you’ll lose those extra few pounds, chances are it’s just going to end up another item banished to wardrobe oblivion. Same goes with making size compromises because there’s only one left in stock – stay true to your fit and you’ll get proper wear out of everything you buy.


Don’t Shop Post-Holiday

Who hasn’t made the mistake of coming home from holiday all glowing and heading straight to the shops? But chances are, what suits your post-vacation self isn’t going to do your regular self any favours. Wait a few weeks – once the tan has faded and the freckles all gone – so you can make realistic wardrobe decisions.


Have A Good Tailor

Nothing can ruin an outfit, inexpensive or high-end, like ill-fitting features. Have a reliable tailor to turn to when cuffs need shortening, shoulders need tweaking and waists need cinching.


Good Grooming Goes A Long Way

Don’t underestimate the power of a blow-dry and manicure. It doesn’t matter if your outfit ticks every trend box – chipped nails and messy hair can undermine the whole look. Focus on your presentation, and even the simplest of edits will be quickly elevated.


Ditch Itchy Fabrics

Tempted by a high-neck mohair? Or an ultra-cheap bargain knit? We all know the anguish, sweat and irritation that comes with an itchy jumper. Invest in softer fabrics and good quality wool that will be kinder to your skin.


Not All Trends Are A Good Idea

Remember Juicy Couture velour tracksuits? And the recent fishnets-under-denim trend? Just because the fashion crowd’s wearing something, doesn’t mean it’s a good look. Trust your instincts – if something feels Emperor’s New Clothes-like, it probably is.


Read The Washing Labels

Those of us who have shrunk cashmere and dyed whites pink will know this rule all too well. Trust your judgment on this one, too – the label on a high street viscose dress may say it will be fine in the machine, but a cool hand wash will ensure it doesn’t shrink.


You Can’t Beat Decent Underwear

Nothing ruins a good outfit like a VPL, or a decent photo like a translucent white bra. Make sure you get the basics right before getting dressed; invest in seamless underwear, neutral shades and well-fitting pieces for base layer polish.


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