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The Coolest French Girl To Follow On Instagram

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Much is made of Parisian style, but there’s one name on everyone’s lips when it comes to French fashion right now. Chloé, aka Loulou de Saison, is the stylist and Instagram star whose style we have long admired, and the fashion crowd are beginning to cotton on. From invites to the Dior Couture show to street style features in Vogue, she’s officially the coolest French girl out there right now – we got her secrets to great style…

Fashion Month has just finished, and you’ve been a massive hit with the street style photographers. How did you plan your wardrobe for the shows?

I try to honour the brand that I’m invited to see by wearing a piece of their recent collection and I mix it with other pieces that fit with my own style and taste.

Which of your Fashion Month looks was your favourite?

I attended one day of London Fashion Week so I picked out one special outfit for the occasion. London is a very creative city that allows originality more than Paris does, so I mixed different prints (squares and dots) and fabrics with vinyl. Without bragging, I was quite pleased with the result.

And the shows, any stand out designers?

It's very hard to name just a few, but as usual, I loved JW Anderson for Loewe. His line is creative but wearable at the same time, which is admirable – it’s a difficult combo to obtain. Phoebe Philo for Céline remains the master in terms of elegance because she manages to enhance it without being boring. I'm amazed by her choices of colours, which are extraordinary. Also, Jacquemus reached a new level with his La Bomba collection. There was a sexy and enticing aspect that was very appealing because it didn’t tumble into vulgarity.

Let’s talk current trends, what’s your favourite thing you’ve bought for Autumn/Winter so far?

I recently got an Ellery camel vinyl trench which is a statement piece no matter what you wear underneath. It is edgy but chic. I would say it is a redefined classic, which is always something worth investing in.

When you’re thinking about putting an outfit together, what do you start with?

I try not to think too much and always consider balance. For example, if I wear various prints I will go easy on colours, and if I wear strong colours, it’s the other way around. Proportions are also the key to a balanced outfit – teaming up something oversized with something slim fitting, for example.

What’s on your wish list for Autumn/Winter?

I am loving Rosie Assoulin right now, and the Loulou sweater by Saint Laurent is on my wish list. I also love the fall 2017 fur purse and mustard velvet moccasins by The Row, which is one of my favourite brands for accessories. And because I have to mention Céline, I would love one of the trenches from the most recent collection, particularly the map print designs.

Which trends do you love right now?

I really like squares, I used to be fond of stripes so I guess they’re related in a way. I’m also very enthusiastic about colours and the way we can mix them together. I feel like people are wearing more and more colours – it’s a trend that looks set to stay, based on what designers were showcasing at fashion week.

Favourite accessories right now?

The Loewe animal bags. I had the opportunity to go to their showroom recently to discover their Spring/Summer 2018 collection and they’re now creating a rabbit bag in gingham and pastel colours, which are very on trend. I can’t wait to extend my family!

What pair of shoes are you wearing the most right now?

My white low boots by Céline. I know that to many people, white shoes can be a fashion faux pas, but I love them and have absolutely no issues with white shoes, on the contrary, they finish an outfit with a perfect last touch.

Do you buy anything on the high street?

Yes, I often shop on the high street. I always find very nice and strong pieces at H&M, which I keep and wear season after season. I find the Premium line by Mango very nice too. Cos can be very refined and the quality never disappoints. I like the quirky side of fashion, so I often mix fast fashion brands with more luxurious ones

What one piece do you think all women should invest in?

There’s not just one piece. Some basics are worth spending money on as we expect them to last a long time. This includes a beautiful coat, a nicely cut white shirt and a cashmere sweater, my favourites are from FINE Paris.

What have been your favourite new brands of 2017?

I just found out about Walk Of Shame, a Russian brand that really caught my eye. I also came across the brand Albus Lumen earlier this year. I like their timeless chic aspect twisted with a touch of fun and modernity.

Do you take time to think about your purchases or do you fall in love and buy?

A bit of both. I often shop on instinct but I had to learn growing up that I have to control my purchasing impulses. Now, I let a week or two go by, and if I’m still thinking about the piece then I consider buying it.

You have an amazing collection of blazers, what brands do you love for tailoring?

Diane Ducasse makes perfect ones for her brand Dada that I really admire. I love her boyish aesthetic, she makes manly suits for women so they are perfectly balanced, not too masculine. The way she describes her brand is very accurate: strict but extravagant, sophisticated but casual.

What’s your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

My navy velvet purse by The Row. But I have to admit, it feels disloyal to the rest of my wardrobe to just name one piece, I love many of them and it depends on too many things.

What do you wear for a smart dinner?

I always try to wear nice pieces of jewellery, they really lighten up the face. I also like to play with my top’s details, trying out things like voluminous sleeves, which are discreet but feminine. I think the brand Attico is a go-to for glamour, they are soft but never cross the too girly line. Also, a great pair of shoes always makes a statement.

Whose style do you love on Instagram?

Scandinavian influencers, their outfits are always considered, minimalist and feature architectural shapes which are one of my main sources of inspiration. I also like the new Italian wave because they dare to be out of the ordinary, safeguarding that Italian elegance that never goes out of style.

What one thing do British girls do really well when it comes to style?

Same as the Italian girls but in a different way, they dare to be themselves. They have no fear of judgement and established fashion rules, they like wearing statement pieces. I love walking around London, it’s refreshing to my French eye to see girls out in miniskirts in winter – they are uninhibited and spontaneous. We should follow their example sometimes.

What can British girls learn from Parisian girls when it comes to style?

Style is not about fashion but more about what fits each and every woman. There are often many different versions of one trend, and every woman should adapt what’s in fashion to her own style. It’s more about allure than fashion.

If you could only shop at one designer again, which would you choose?

Even though I love the Céline and the Loewe women, what I love most about fashion is its diversity. I love mixing styles and brands to create my own identity, finding new designers and still staying true to my style feeds my interest in fashion.

Favourite French pharmacy products?

As basic products, I like the Bioderma Eau Micellaire, otherwise I have to admit that I am quite complicated. For my hair, I use a mask by Christophe Robin that prevents it from turning red. My Crème de La Mer face cream has been my most loyal facial treatment over the years, it's an investment I never regret.

Top tip for looking chic in a rush?

Raise your shirt collar, your coat or jacket sleeves by letting the shirt come out, slip your hair into your collar or put your coat on your shoulders. These are small details, but try them, you will see the instant difference they make.

Any under-the-radar French brands we should know about?

They are slightly coming above the radar but still, I really love Harmony Paris, they make perfectly cut shirts.

And finally, in your opinion, what’s the secret to good style?

The most important thing is balance. Don’t think too much because as soon as getting dressed doesn’t feel natural, we make mistakes and go too far. Finally, I would insist on the fact that there's a line between what fits us and what we love – I always I try to keep this line in mind.

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